Mood swings are very common in women. In fact, they are widely joked about by men and women alike. And it’s mostly put down to PMS (premenstrual syndrome) which occurs a week before your period. But there could be other reasons why you are suffering from mood swings. Here are some top reasons why you might be experiencing mood swings.

You are drinking too much caffeine

It’s easy to get reliant on coffee to help you through the workday. After all, it can give you the boost you need to carry out your day. But while coffee can give you some energy, the caffeine in the drink can actually influence your mood. Therefore, you might start experiencing mood swings if you are drinking an excessive amount on a daily basis. You might be on a high after drinking the coffee. But once it wears off, your mood can dip, and you might feel low. Therefore, you need to reduce the amount of coffee you are drinking on a daily basis. Cut down to one or two cups to ensure you are not having too much. And caffeine is also in chocolate and fizzy drinks, so be careful with your intake of these.

You are suffering from a mental health condition

Those mood swings you are experiencing could actually be down to a mental health condition. For example, with anxiety, it’s so easy for our moods to go up and down as we attempt to deal with overwhelming fear. And our moods can spiral in the run up to a panic attack. As for depression, if you are suffering from this condition, your moods can go wayward. You might feel sad one moment, while the next you might feel angry. As for bipolar disorder, mood swings (alongside depression symptoms) can help to define the disorder. As you can read about on, you might experience high moods where you have tons of energy. And then it’s easy to fall into dark moods where you feel extremely low. Therefore, seek professional medical advice to get the help you need so you can ensure your moods are more consistent in future.

You are suffering from insomnia

So many people in the US have to deal with insomnia. As much as they try to get some sleep, they find it hard to get shut eye when they go to bed at night. And if they do get to sleep, they tend to wake up after only a couple of hours. If this is happening to you on a regular basis, it could be the reason for your mood swings. As it says on, those who don’t get enough sleep can become irritatable. Therefore, to ensure you don’t get mood swings, make sure you find some ways to help you sleep better at night. It might be as simple as getting a better mattress or removing distractions at night which will help you to get some better shut-eye!

And remember to limit your alcohol intake. As it says on, people might drink it to improve their mood. But it can actually have the opposite effect if drank in large quantities.