We’re all born with a set of perfect teeth. It’s keeping them that way that can be the problem! I mean, we put them through a lot. We chew all kinds of food, and sometimes people even use them as tools! This step by step guide will help you keep your teeth perfect, or at least get them back that way:

Step 1: Brush Twice a Day

Get into a routine of brushing twice a day. I’ve met people who admit they only brush once, and it’s gross. You need to brush when you get up so your breath doesn’t stink (and to clean the mouth of stuff that went on in there while you slept – I’m not a scientist so that’s all I’m saying). You need to brush before bed because of everything you’ve eaten. Your toothbrush should be electric as they are more effective. Don’t brush too hard or you can say bye-bye to your enamel!

Step 2: Floss When Needed

Flossing gets rid of all of the debris that has gathered in between your teeth. You might not think there’s any there, but you’ll be surprised. If you don’t floss, you might find that your breath begins to smell. Your teeth can also rot due to the food gathered there. Flossing will eliminate these problems! Ideally do it right after brushing.

Step 3: Mouthwash After Flossing

Next step, mouthwash. This will clean your mouth of anything left over and leave it extra fresh. Buy a quality mouthwash to make sure your mouth is as clean as possible.

Step 4: Avoid Food and Drink That can Stain and Rot Teeth

Some foods and drinks can be damaging to the teeth. Tea and coffee are not bad for us, but too much of them can leave teeth discolored. Berries are great for our health but can also stain teeth. Avoid sweets and fizzy drinks as much as possible!



Step 5: Whiten Teeth With a Home Kit

If your teeth are looking a little worse for wear, whiten your teeth with a home kit. Doing this too much can lead to sensitivity and other issues, so do it carefully and stop if you experience any pain.

Step 6: Never Miss a Dentist Appointment

Don’t miss dentists appointments.  The dentist can spot problems before you can. If you miss your appointments, you’ll only end up having to pay more to fix your problems when you do go. It’s always better to know your teeth are in good health. You may also want to see the dentist about cosmetic dentistry if you have issues you can’t fix on your own.

Step 7: Keep an Eye Out for Problems

Keep an eye out for any problems yourself. If you have a chip, for instance, you might want to get it filled before it gets worse. Perhaps you’re experiencing pain; book in at the dentists early. Get these problems seen to as quickly as you can!

Follow these steps regularly and you’ll have an award winning smile to show off!