Did you know there’s one simple thing that you can do to boost your spirits, your health and your longevity? You can’t buy it, and you can’t get it on prescription. You can improve your chances of success and luck, too with it. So what is this miracle? Well, you can try it right now. Right, this very minute. It’s called smiling.

Yup, smiling has lots of benefits. It doesn’t just tell the rest of the world you’re in good form, it also talks to your body. Humans are weird and wonderful beings. You know how pressure points in your feet can be manipulated to heal the rest of your body with acupressure? Well, it’s not too dissimilar. Simply by smiling, even if you’re not feeling all that happy, you send your brain powerful signals.

Fake it ‘til you make it

It’s human nature that most folks can tell a fake smile for a genuine grin. When you are genuinely smiling, you use more of the muscles in your face. If you find yourself in a situation where faking a smile is unavoidable, then try and make it as realistic as you can. Think positive thoughts. Think of something or someone that makes you happy! No one else is going to know what you’re actually smiling about, and you’re less likely to look fake.  

Embarrassed ?

Sometimes people don’t smile so much because they aren’t so happy with their teeth. Uneven, crooked grins or stained teeth aren’t very desirable. Most people would like to have bright, shiny pearly whites! Cosmetic dentistry has become one of the most popular procedures for people wanting to make their smile splendid. There is no need in this day and age to have to be embarrassed by your teeth. Many people are too ashamed to go to a cosmetic dentist, but they’ve seen it all, and way worse before.  

Super Smiles!

Smiling helps reduce stress. Breaking into a big grin release endorphins, which gives an instant uplift to your mood. Endorphins help counteract these troublesome hormones, which mean you’ll feel calmer, too. Also, to this, study have shown that those who have an open, smiling face are more likely to be trusted. Friendships really are built on smiles. They help promote empathy too. Is there anything a smile can’t help you achieve?


Smiling does have many more winning features. Did you know it can help stop the pain, or at the very least, reduce it? Another gain resulting from the production of endorphins? They help prevent pain signals being transmitted to your brain. Endorphins are nature’s painkillers!


If you struggle to focus or maintain your attention levels, then you might not know that grinning will help you! When you’re stressed, you perceptions are narrowed and your attention is depleted. Our bodies then kick into almost a “fight or flight” state.  When this happens, we’re only able to focus on just one of these things. Breaking into a smile helps reverse this and makes our attention expand out again.