We all have some level of stress in our lives, whether it’s from work or our home lives. Maybe even both! Taking the time to de-stress is very important, especially if you’re the kind of person who gets stressed out easily. Some people are very good at taking a deep breath and not letting things get to them, but even they need to relax sometimes. Let’s take a look at why you need to de-stress and how you can do it:

Why you Should De-stress

Stress Causes Excess Belly Fat

Stress makes the body create a hormone called ‘cortisol’, which is a big cause of excess belly fat. If you’re fairly slim but you still have a bit of a belly, stress could be the reason why! Not always, but it’s possible.

Stress Can Make You Spotty

Stress can affect your skin and bring you out in angry, red spots.

Stress Can Make Your Hair Fall Out

Some people suffer with hair loss when they get stressed. It may come out in clumps or patches; no two people are the same.

Stress Can Make Your Lose/Gain Weight

Stress can affect the appetite. For some, this means not feeling hungry and eating less, resulting in unhealthy weight loss. For others, this might mean binging on food, resulting in unhealthy weight gain.

Stress Can Make You Depressed

Too much stress can affect our well-being, which might just lead to us feeling depressed in our everyday lives. Once you are depressed, it can be difficult to get back to normal.



How to De-stress


Meditation is such an underrated way to get rid of stress. It has so many other benefits too! Anybody can learn to meditate, it just takes consistency and a bit of patience. You can even download apps that will help you with your meditation technique these days!

Think Positive Thoughts

Try to replace all of your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It can take a little practice, as most of us don’t love ourselves enough these days. Once you’ve got in the habit of it, it becomes addictive!

Banish Worry From Your Life

Don’t worry. Worrying is a wasted emotion. When you worry, you’re either worrying about the past which has already happened, or the future, which hasn’t happened yet. Try to live in the moment and just do your best.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to a little retail therapy, or even a Body Kneads massage to help you feel yourself again. Go and do something you enjoy, you deserve it!

Take a Hot Bath

Hot baths can help to draw toxins out of the body and relax aching muscles. They’re a nice place to meditate and clear your head too.

Now you see why you need to de-stress, you can use the techniques outlined here to do it. Try all of them and see which ones you like best. On top of everything in this guide, make sure you eat right and get plenty of sleep, as they can play a part too.