Our bodies are really good at telling us when something is wrong. We get headaches, backaches and even bad skin depending on what the ailment is. There are dozens of remedies to help treat the symptoms. Some are natural, and some are drug based. Rarely, do we go to the root cause of the problem and cure it, but a lot of us are spending more and more time actively preventing it.

If you have suffered migraines or recurring headaches, you may never have thought of what may be causing them. You have pain, so you pop an aspirin in your stomach to stop yourself feeling the pain anymore. With no pain, you forget about it and never investigate why you might have had that headache at that time. This is common. All of us do this.

Of course, if your headache comes on after you eat cheese, you will put the two together and stop eating cheese. This is prevention. If we have a lot of knee pain, and we’re a tad overweight, we work to lose the weight and rid ourselves of the knee pain. When we play sports, we warm up and cool down to reduce the risk of strain or injury. This too is prevention.


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Only when a pain keeps coming back, and we can’t keep it at bay with over the counter painkillers do we stop to think about other tactics to get rid of it for good. You might seek the advice of a chiropractor like those at www.advanceuc.com to see if your alignment is causing the problems. You may try Yoga to improve your posture or breathing techniques to manage the pain. There are TENS machines and acupuncture too. Unless you know what may be causing the pain, you may be trying all these therapies and getting nowhere.

Often the lifestyle is to blame. Sometimes a serious health condition. Chronic pains should be investigated by a doctor. Bad teeth can cause pains in places beyond the mouth. The heart can offer referred pain in places like the mouth. Our nervous systems are remarkable but sometimes the wrong signals get through. A doctor can rule out serious problems. The term pain management can get long-term pain sufferers riled up. They want to find the source of the pain and cure it, rather than just living with it using coping techniques. The spine is the home of our nervous system, and it runs up to our brain. Keeping your posture corrected and the spine aligned is key to avoiding lots of pains we experience day to day.

You can use exercises like pilates and yoga to give your muscles enough strength to support your spine in a good position. Try physiotherapy to correct muscle weaknesses causing postural or mobility problems. Chiropractors and osteopaths may be able to help you realign your spine too. Of course, there may be injuries within your body causing your pain. Scans and X-Rays may help rule these out. Lack of sleep will cause pain in various parts of your body too.