When you are about to start any fertility treatment, you will be going through such a huge range of emotions. There is the disappointment that you couldn’t have a baby another way. There is the excitement of the possibility of being able to become a parent. There is also the anxiety and anxious feeling that you will get from going into something unknown.

You will want to feel that you know a little but of what to expect. So here is some advice from people that have gone through in-vitro fertilisation before. Hopefully, it can act as a useful guide, to help you through the IVF procedure.



At your initial consultation with a doctor, make sure that you ask a lot of questions. It can be very overwhelming! As it has been said already, you will be experiencing a lot of different emotions. You almost grieve for the way that you wanted to have children. IVF comes with quite high chances of conceiving, though, so it is an exciting time too. The kind of questions you want to ask will help you to know if this clinic and doctor are for you. You will also want to ask about the chances, with your medical history, of getting pregnant with one cycle. You need to be realistic, so you need to know.

Ask about others that are a similar age to you; what is the success rate for the clinic? Getting an estimated time frame is a good idea too. You need to know how soon you would be starting with hormone injections and how long they will be planned to go on for. You might feel confused or overwhelmed to start with, but asking the right questions will help to ease your mind.



When you get your injections, and the process is starting, make sure that you learn how to do it all correctly. Some clinics may have you attend a class on how to inject yourself in the right way. Other clinics may just have you watch a video. If you don’t feel you can do it yourself, then make sure your other half will be there to learn the right way too. You will probably do the hormone injections for at least a week, perhaps longer. Don’t read too much into the time length if it is different from a friend or relative that went through IVF. Different medications need different lengths of time.

When it comes to the day to retrieve your eggs, staying calm is the best thing to do. You will most likely not be able to eat for at least eight hours before so bear that in mind. You might be in a little pain or sore afterwards, so plan ahead. Have a comfy spot set up for you and a meal planned and ready. Make sure that you have the time off work if that is applicable. You will just want to sit and relax!

The next steps are just to keep yourself busy. Only time will tell if it has worked. Good luck!