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Testosterone is one of those words that’s thrown around a lot by people who don’t truly understand what it is or what it does. There’s a sort of myth that excessive testosterone is some sort of miracle that will transform you into the manliest, most incredible hulk to ever walk the earth.

Well, we’re here to debunk some myths and tell you how testosterone can work for you. Testosterone is a hormone primarily produced in the testicles, and therefore more prominent in men. It can also be made by the ovaries in women, although there is significantly less of it so it has a minimal effect on their bodies.

Testosterone has many purposes in the body, and a lot of them pertain to the male functions of the body. It drives muscle growth, can control bone density and the red blood cells in your body. It can also change the way that your body stores fat. Of course, all of these are related directly to matters of fitness, so testosterone will always be a key component of any fitness regime.

But it isn’t as simple as adding far more testosterone to the mix and getting a better body. Testosterone levels can affect a variety of other parts of the body. It can fundamentally alter the sex drive and mood of a man, going so far as to induce depression and other mental illness.

Of course, the fact remains that testosterone can do great things to your body and mind. With an appropriately balanced amount of the hormone you can produce fantastic results in the gym, whilst also maintaining a healthy mind.

Medically altering the levels of testosterone in your body can be a dangerous and delicate affair. It will generally only be undertaken if there is a medical risk to your body or mind. It therefore will generally not be administered for the purposes of fitness. The medical treatments are fairly intensive, and can have a number of undesirable side effects. Naturally doctors are not keen to go down this route unless it’s entirely necessary.

But there are some other routes that you can go down if you want your testosterone levels to assist your fitness regime. You could look into how to increase testosterone naturally, as there are several available treatments that are intended to safely aid your regime. Obviously before you undertake any of these treatments you should consult with medical professionals and a fitness trainer.

In general testosterone is the “male hormone.” It drives a lot of the more basic functions of the male body, however it is not a miracle supplement for the fitness process. There is a sense that it can be medically increased and that it will act as spinach does to Popeye. But you should certainly be careful in buying into this myth. There are many downsides to artificially producing testosterone, so if you can keep your body natural then you really should. The rule of the thumb is that if it’s natural it’s safe.