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We’re constantly told that we need to consume a balanced diet and get regular exercise. It really is the trick to a healthy lifestyle. When you eat a balanced diet you feel stronger, more energetic and you’ll look great. The trouble is that too many people focus on the wrong foods. Often they focus their weight loss programme on dieting. Although this may encourage immediate weight loss, it is not a healthy way to eat. It often involves cutting out carbs entirely or removing dairy. In actual fact, our bodies need these elements to stay healthy, but, in moderation. Rather than extreme diets, focus on finding a healthy balance of foods. Today we’re going to tell you exactly what that means.

Fruit and veg – The general rule for fruit and veg is to find 5 portions a day. Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that are vital to your health. The best way to satisfy this is to vary your intake. It’s quite easy when you start to incorporate this into your diet. An apple is one portion, for example. A glass of fresh orange juice is another. A handful of vegetables with dinner is another.

Carbohydrates – The body needs carbohydrates for energy. It is a slow release food and you’ll get what you need from pasta, potatoes and whole grains. They are also the best place to find your daily fibre intake. Fibre is essential for digestion and they’re packed full of vitamins too. Carbs should make up about a third of your diet.

Meats, beans and protein – Protein is the element in our diet that encourages growth. It will strengthen bones and build your muscles. They are also vital for repairing the body. White meats, such as chicken, are generally better than red meats. Red meats are high in fats which should be regulated. Fish is another important aspect here and should find its way into your diet twice a week.

A little dairy – Dairy is essential for your bones and also contains a good amount of protein. However, they can be on the fatty side, so don’t fill your diet with them. Where possible, opt for the low fat options when choosing milk and cheese.

Sugars, salts and fats – Our bodies don’t actually need any of these aspects on top of the diet. Your body extracts all the natural fats and sugars from the foods mentioned above. However, we all have a tendency to snack on sugars and incorporate additional fats. Reducing the amount of saturated fats and sugars will really improve your diet. Ideally, this should be close to zero.

Supplements – We know this is all easier said than done! Eating a balanced diet is tough, especially when you have work commitments and a family. With that in mind, you can top up your nutrients with supplements. A simple multi-vitamin supplement should cover all bases. However, you could also try fish oil or the new wonder supplement, Sytropin. If you’ve never heard of it before, you can find out more at this link: http://sytropin.reviews/. Supplements are the perfect way to plug any holes in your diet and give you some energy back!

We hope that has given you an insight into a healthy, balanced diet. Take a look at your current eating habits and see what’s missing.