If you are hoping to slim down a little for the holidays, there are lots of options open to you. The challenge for you is to lose weight in the right places in a short amount of time. Just losing weight may not give you the shape you desire. Before you choose a diet, read what we have to say about the different ways of losing weight and burning fat.

There are so many different diets out there. Most of us know the best way to slim down long term and stay slim is to take things slow. Our lifestyle needs to adopt a healthy routine that prevents us from gaining weight. It needs to be something we can keep up for the rest of our lives. Most diet and exercise plans to quickly lose weight are not for the long term. But a few of them are quite handy for getting rid of a bit of weight in time for the party season!

When you are trying to restrict calories, you will have to cut out the higher calorie food groups. Carbohydrates give us energy over a longer period than sugars do. Usually, high sugar foods and drink are cut out when we diet. This means no more chocolates, candy or fizzy pop drinks. Instead, diet sodas are in. Fatty foods like red meats, cheese and dairy, crisps, chips and biscuits are cut when the dieter is following a low-fat diet. This cuts out much-needed nutritional elements such as protein and calcium so may cause health problems later on. Low-fat yogurts tend to be very high in calories still as they have a lot of sugar added to make them palatable.

The carbohydrates found in whole grain pasta and rice are usually acceptable in some diet plans. Lean meat is also OK. There are lots of ‘diet’ foods and drinks sold in the supermarkets that are considered appropriate on some mainstream diet programmes as well. However, these plans are designed for the long term. Combined with light exercise, they are intended for obese people looking to lose between two and four pounds a week until a suitable weight is reached. The diet is then continued to maintain that weight, which is usually in the overweight rather than the normal weight bracket.


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Some diet plans require very low calories intake to work rapidly and burn fat reserves. To burn the fat that you want rid of some diet supplement products claim they can provide this. Several, including the HCG diet, have had quite good reviews as solutions for rapid, fat loss. You can get more HCG diet information online. Other products include thermogenic fat burners which have become popular with men.

Losing weight is very hard, but lots of people have shifted excess fat off in very short periods of time. To keep it off, you will need to modify the diet. Most importantly, you will probably to make permanent changes to your lifestyle to ensure you can maintain the weight you are happy with. If you have any medical conditions, you should always speak to a doctor about plans to lose weight.