Your teeth are an important part of your health, hygiene, and well-being. It is vital that you look after your teeth, or you may have problems later in life. If teeth are well maintained then they will stay strong, but if they aren’t well maintained, they will grow weaker over time. Once this happens you are dealing with the risk of tooth loss.

This can be very expensive not to mention painful and bad for self-esteem. Fillings and root canals will set you back a large amount of money and will need regular maintenance and checks. This will have a negative effect on your bank balance as well as your lifestyle so make sure you look after your teeth.

Cleaning your teeth on a thorough and regular basis will help with this. Try to aim for twice a day at least. Use anti-bacterial mouthwash too. You may also want to think about flossing a few times a week to prevent the build-up of plaque. You should also visit somewhere like Schope dental on a frequent basis to get your teeth checked by a professional. A couple of times a year should be enough to keep them in good check.

If you want to get serious about preserving your teeth then you should also look at your diet. You need to ask yourself what could I be doing to look after my teeth better? If you’re honest, there’s likely to be something extra you could be doing. You need to focus on cutting out foods that are the source of the problem and replacing them with better options. This will leave your teeth looking healthy and white.

Here are three of the worst foods for you teeth:

Soft Drinks

Okay, soft drinks aren’t food but they do warrant a place on this list. The extreme negative effect they have on your teeth makes them as bad as any food and secures their place on this list. We all like fizzy drinks. They taste nice, and they are refreshing. But you need to be sensible with your intake.

Soft drinks contain an awful lot of sugar which is bad and can rot your teeth. But this is not the main issue. The worst effect that fizzy drinks have on your teeth is caused by the acid in them. This strips the minerals from the enamel on your teeth leaving them weaker and more prone to damage.

This is also why a lot of fruit is not good for you. Citrus has the same enamel dissolving effect as found in soft drinks. You can still enjoy soft drinks and fruit of course, but limit your consumption and be sure to clean your teeth after.


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Dried Fruit

It might surprise you to know that dried fruit, despite being good for your body, can be quite bad for your teeth. If you have ever eaten dried fruit before you will know that the process involves a lot of biting and chewing.

Dried fruit contains a lot of sugar. Because of its chewy nature it is common for pieces of dried fruit to get sugar stuck in your teeth for a long time leading to dental erosion.

Starchy Foods

Starchy foods such as crisps and bread can also be bad for your teeth. They more often than not will leave pieces stuck in the teeth. This can lead to the spread of bacteria and an increase in tooth decay.