All of us have parts of our appearance we like and parts we wish we could change. If this wasn’t the case, the cosmetics industry would disappear! We all know that even those bits we like need careful maintenance and looking after if they are to continue to look their best for the long term. We have a good idea how we want to look thanks to all the images of perfect bodies and faces we can see on the internet, in magazines, and on TV. Being able to achieve that for ourselves is the challenge we face. Below we have outlined the truth behind how these images are created, as well as some of the things you can do to look just as good:

Hair – Gorgeous, long, soft tresses are often the result of hours of work from a professional hairstylist. The effects only need to last those few moments in which the cameras are clicking away. Clip-in hair pieces go a very long way toward providing the volume and length that you see. TV stars have their hair refreshed and touched up in the commercial breaks too. You can achieve the best from your hair by ensuring you are drinking plenty of water and eating a good variety of vegetables and fruit each day. Seeds and nuts have nutrients to help. Don’t over style or over wash your hair. This will strip it of its natural lustre.

Teeth – Most teeth on TV and in movies are veneers, particularly when it comes to older stars. You can achieve whiter teeth with professional whitening from a dentist. Most people fear these will damage the teeth or cause long term pain, but these fears are the stuff of dental myths that are not the case at all when visiting a dentist for whitening. Once you have white teeth, protect the color with careful rinsing and flossing after meals. Avoid high staining food and drinks, and brush gently two or three times a day.

SkinFlawless skin is fast becoming a thing of the past thanks to big screen HD TVs. We can now see all those little blemishes and marks up close. We are all human, and each have our own little imperfections. These can be hidden fairly well under makeup, but regular exfoliating to slough off the dead cells and improve circulation can help improve the appearance of our skin. Plenty of moisture on the inside from drinking water goes a long way too, as does moisturising the skin directly.


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Body shape – We are the shape we are, and not much will change that. We can reduce the fat in our bodies by exercising and eating only what we need, but where our fat stores sit on our body cannot be controlled. For women, the hourglass shape is the one we strive for, and control underwear can help create that if it is not naturally within us. Dress for the shape you are to help create the illusion of that hourglass shape. Remember, someone somewhere envies you just as you are.