Everyone wants that perfect, photogenic smile. Are you always the one in photos with the silly grin? Yeah, us too! So, we made it our mission to find our perfect smile. We’re going to share some top class secrets with you today that we’ve found particularly useful. We truly believe that beauty starts with your smile. Get that right and everything else falls into place. Time to unleash those pearly whites!

  1. Visit the dentist – This really is the most important thing you can do for your teeth. We know that many of you are scared of the drills and the fillings, but it’s worth overcoming the fear! We visit our dentist in Denver once every 6 months and we suggest you make similar appointments. A good dentist will help your teeth stay clean, straight and white. A great smile all starts with natural, healthy teeth. Healthy teeth also means healthy gums (never underestimate your gums for a great smile!)


  1. Clean them correctly – Although your dentist will fix any major problems, it’s up to you to clean them. You should get your toothbrush and toothpaste out at least twice a day. Ideally you should clean them after every meal. Food and dirt builds up and the process of tooth decay starts quickly. Dentists also advise flossing daily and using a good quality mouthwash. Your eating habits also play a big role in healthy, white teeth. Try to avoid too much sugar and staining products like black coffee and red wine.


  1. Natural is always best – The best smiles are the natural ones. You can spot a fake smile from a mile away! So, work on perfecting a natural look for photos and occasions. One trick we always use is bringing a great memory to mind, just as the camera clicks. It draws that perfect natural smile right across your face. Have a funny memory in mind next time and see if that works for you.


  1. Makeup – For the ladies, you have an extra weapon in your arsenal. You can actually enhance the power of your smile with some simple makeup tricks. Choose a lipstick tone that works with your skin. Most importantly, stick to colours that enhance the whiteness in your teeth. The experts suggest cherry reds, plums and pinks, but try to avoid anything too deep or rich.


  1. Practice – Don’t laugh at us, this one really works! Trust us, every celebrity on the planet has practiced that perfect smile over and over in the mirror. Time to get in front of your own reflection and smile away. Watch how different movements affect the look of your smile. Find the perfect combination of muscles that gets the best results. Once you’ve found it, practice. You’ll find that it starts to become natural after a while.


The perfect smile requires a combination of great dental hygiene and a natural look. Follow each of the steps on this list and you’ll be turning heads everywhere!