We all have days when we feel low or bad-tempered. This can be for many reasons. You may have had a bad night’s sleep, you might be dreading work or perhaps you can’t put your finger on the reason for your unhappiness. It’s natural to have these off days, but if they are occurring frequently and you are starting to take your negative feelings out on others, it’s time to deal with the problem. Don’t just wait to see if you wake up happy tomorrow, do something to improve your quality of life today. This post will take you through a number of steps that will hopefully lead you to a happier and more positive self.

Step 1: Dealing with the cause (or causes)

Whether you know what is causing you to feel down or not, it’s a good idea to talk about the way you are feeling with someone else. Getting your feelings off your chest is both therapeutic and can provide you with an outsider’s perspective, if you want it. You might have someone trustworthy in your life who you can share this with. Or you may wish to talk to someone impartial, like a therapist. They can use their experience to help you establish the cause of your feelings (if you don’t already know what that is). And they can work with you on a strategy for dealing with the source and moving forward.

Step 2: Spend time with family and friends

One of the best ways to improve your mood is to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The impulse reaction when you are unhappy is to hide out at home. Although this might help from time-to-time, using it as a long-term solution will only make the problem worse. How you choose to spend this time with family and friends is up to you. A long walk, watching a film or sharing a meal are all excellent ideas.


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Step 3: Eliminate or reduce the things that make you feel worse

There may be elements of your lifestyle that make you feel worse. Alcohol, caffeine and smoking are all common culprits, as are not getting enough sleep and eating junk food. When you are down it is tempting to indulge in things that are bad for you because you believe they will make you feel better. They may do so momentarily, but more often than not, they will end up increasing your negative feelings.

Step 4: Concentrate on your passions

Make a list of the things that make you feel happy and enthused. This might be anything from saving the environment to dancing to knitting scarves. Make some time in your life to enjoy the things that make you feel happy.

A happier you?

When you are determined to be more positive, the first and biggest challenge is dealing with the cause. However, it is also the most liberating. Once you have tackled the source of your unhappiness, don’t stop there. Keep improving your quality of life by spending time with loved ones, cleaning up your lifestyle and giving some time to exploring your passions.