Hiking is a great physical activity. It challenges you. It pushes beyond your normal boundaries and makes you more able than you were before. Hiking is physical, and can be rough. For some, that’s part of the appeal. Feeling the sweat trickling down their brow is what they desire. For others, it is being able to see beautiful scenery from great vantage points. Sounds enticing doesn’t it?

If you want to try hiking, here are a few essentials you need to get.


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You’re only as good as your footwear when you’re hiking. It might be tempting to wear a pair of sturdy sneakers for comfort, but you’re going to want specific boots for this. They may feel heavy and stiff, but that’s what you’re going to need.

Hiking can be treacherous. It can give you a real battering if you’re not prepared. You’re going to be traversing all kinds of uneven and rocky surfaces. You need protection for your feet, but you also need grip. A good set of hiking boots does that. Even in the worst conditions, you’ll almost never slip.

Even if you do, the boots will protect your feet at least. They are the last thing you want to be damaged halfway up a mountain range.


Staying hydrated is essential in all circumstances, not just hiking. With hiking though, you need to keep on top of things. A regular drink will help your body keep going. Your muscles will remain hydrated and supple.

Packing sufficient water is important. You need to know how far you’re going to be hiking and for how long. Mismanaging your water supply can be disastrous and lead to injury.

However, nature has a way of providing. Water sources can be found in nature. The problem is that they are not always clean or hygienic. Portable water purificators like the GoFreshWater Bottle can be very handy on a long hiking trip.

Weather Protection

Rain or shine, you can still hike. As such, you must prepare for the weather conditions.

If you’re looking at total sunshine all day, you need to dress for protection. You need to wear light and airy clothes, but also have to protect your exposed skin to prevent it from burning. A hat and sunglasses are also advised.

If it’s raining, you need to waterproof. This goes from your head to your toe. Waterproofed hiking gear along with a hooded raincoat should see you through the worst nature has to offer. The important thing above all else is that you remain warm and dry.

Even in the snow, you can hike. Keeping warm is vitally important. Be aware of the wind chill and account for that too. Any exposed body parts may be subject to damage because of the biting cold.

Hiking is an appealing activity. Not only is it good for you, but it’s relaxing too. Walking through mountain ranges and over hills are calming. Being one with nature is something all people should experience at least once.

If you’re hiking, at least be prepared though.