You may never have heard of activated charcoal, but I’d bet good money that you’ve heard of its alias; carbon. Why would you care about this, you wonder? It has amazing health benefits that you probably didn’t even realise! Take a look and see if you think you could use it to your advantage:

Whiten Your Teeth

Carbon is possibly the best thing you can use to whiten your teeth, even compared to dentist whitening treatments. Carbon has been used for years for dental hygiene by ancient natives, and it really works. Some people have carbon straight on their finger and put it on their teeth, but you can just mix it with regular toothpaste by dipping your toothbrush in it when you’re ready to brush.  This will make it much nicer to do and you won’t feel too weird rubbing something black and strange on your teeth.

Counteract Poison

That’s right; carbon is even good for removing the body of toxins in emergencies, such as poison. It’s very simple, you just add it to some water, about a spoonful, then mix well. The person who has poison in their body then needs to drink this solution. If you have children, then this product is a must to have in the home. You never know what kids could get their hands into, so it can give peace of mind. This method can literally save lives, so bear it in mind!

Relieve Bites and Bee Stings

Bites from insects can be painful and nasty, whether they’re from a spider or a snake. Bee stings can smart just as much too. In fact, charcoal can even help bites that are poisonous. Some articles claim that people who were highly allergic to these kinds of bites even survived thanks to the help of charcoal. No one expects to become affected with a sudden bite, but charcoal can really take the edge off and even stop you from needing more serious treatment.

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Make Skin Healthier

If you’re struggling with your skin, charcoal could be just the ticket. Any impurities in the skin can be made much better by using activated charcoal from somewhere like Carbon Resources. You can mix it with aloe vera gel, rose water, or something similar and apply it. Once it’s dried you can take it off. It’s really good for taking off makeup too! Just bear in mind that it’ll be black when you apply it to the skin.

Detox Your Body

As activated charcoal is so good for getting rid of poison from the body, it’s great for detoxes too. Just beware of taking too much charcoal; you could soon become constipated and heavy. You want to use just enough to detox your body effectively. You definitely need to increase your water consumption if you’re planning on using activated charcoal a few times per week, or you won’t be able to go to the toilet.

Are you convinced of the power of activated charcoal? Leave a comment with your thoughts, I’d love to hear them!