So many people are turning to surgery to fix their problems these days. Whether they want a slimmer body, bigger breasts or a firmer bum, surgery seems to have all of the answers. However, while this can be a solution, you should think about it carefully before going ahead. Does your situation really warrant surgery? Do you have the right mindset to be a good candidate for surgery? Here’s what you need to know…

Surgery Will Not Fix Everything

Surgery will not fix everything ‘wrong’ in your life. It’ll only do the job it says on the tin. You might think that having this surgery will make your man commit to you or get you that promotion, but it may not. And when it doesn’t, you’re bound to be bitterly disappointed. You might be able to achieve the results you desire without surgery, so look into that first. It can take hard work, but it’ll be worth it.

Your Procedure Might Not Go the Way You’d Hoped

Unfortunately, surgery doesn’t always go the way you hoped it would. Even with the most skilled surgeon, it can be risky sometimes. You might not like your results. Your results may be completely different to what you envisioned. It might even go completely wrong, with you having to go back for correctional procedures. You need to be prepared for all of this if you’re going to go through with it.

You Can’t Look Just Like Your Favourite Celebrity

There’s no way you can look like your favourite celebrity. A surgeon can only work with what you have, so if you request something like this and they say they can do it, be wary. They’re more than likely just trying to get money out of you. They should be able to tell you realistically what you can and can’t achieve by having the procedure.



You Might Not Feel Like ‘You’

Even if the surgery goes to plan, you might not feel like you afterwards. This can be really strange. You might get a feeling of dysmorphia, but it should pass. Even the smallest change to your face or shape can change the way you view yourself.

All Surgeons Are Not Created Equal

Take time picking your surgeon. They are not all created equal. Going for the cheapest one will usually end in tears. Pick the one you trust and like the vibe of, recommends cosmetic plastic surgeon Lori Polacek, MD.

Recovery Could be Difficult

Recovery will vary for different people and different procedures. Be prepared to change your lifestyle and take time off work if you need it. Don’t expect your results to look perfect right away either. It can take weeks, months, and even years for your results to properly settle! Scarring is normal. Many people are afraid of the actual procedure, when often, recovery is much harder.

Nobody can make this decision for you. You need to think about what’s best for you and your reasons for doing this to know if it’s the right thing.