Acne is a common skin condition which affects the majority of people at sometime within their life. Acne is most common in those entering puberty (teenagers) due to sharp increases in the testosterone hormone. Adult acne is also common and something that appears to be increasing throughout the western world for unknown reasons.

Treatments for acne

How you treat acne depends on a number of things, which include the severity of the condition. The occasional pimple can generally be treated with a variety of creams. However, if your acne is moderate and consistent then you might consider other options including antibiotics. If you have severe acne or persistent acne, and all other options have been tried, then a drug called Accutane is often presented as one of the better and most effective options available.

Can your diet negatively affect acne?

Whilst acne isn’t caused by a poor diet, the condition appears to be effected by diet to a certain extent for some. Research on how diet might affect acne is patchy. However, there appears to be a connection with diets contacting large amounts of sugar and worsening acne. Research also suggests that milk can worsen the condition for some individuals.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for your overall health and it’s quite possible to be lacking. The modern day diet is much different from what it used to be, microwave foods, processed foods, junk foods, fast foods… you name it! They’re all on the increase. Preparing a quality meal costs money and isn’t as speedy as the cheaper and quicker options.

For these reasons alone, taking a multivitamin could be not only beneficial for your overall health, but your skin health too!

Can supplements improve / cure acne?

You’ve possibly heard that supplements can improve or even cure acne, but is this true? Research suggests that acne can be improved by certain supplements. However, don’t expect a supplement to be a miracle cure.

Zinc appears to be one of the most effective supplements for fighting acne. Zinc helps repair damaged skin tissue – making it an obvious supplement to take.

Should you use a moisturiser?

Logic would suggest that if your skin is already oily then applying a moisturiser would be stupid and make your condition much worse.

Can stress affect acne?