These days, brushing your teeth twice daily can be far from the sole measure for ensuring that your teeth continue looking great. Just consider the vast range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that are now available; in fact, cosmetic dentistry has never been more popular, declares WebMD.

However, all the same, don’t assume that you have to turn your mouth into a construction site, so to say, to bring yourself a whole new, revitalised smile. These simple measures could suffice for you…

Teeth whitening

If your lifestyle has long included regular smoking and heavy consumption of foods and beverages like coffee and tea, all of this may have taken its toll on the condition of your teeth. If those choppers have become stained or discoloured, teeth whitening could come to the rescue.

Though it’s possible to whiten teeth at home with a kit bought from a store, you can be more assured of effective and safe results if you leave a dental care professional to whiten those teeth.


The name’s bonding, composite bonding. That’s what bonding can be called, anyway, when composite resins come into the picture. Those can serve as the tooth-coloured materials applied to the surface of teeth to conceal chips or cracks in the surface.

Bonding is an especially time-effective procedure, as it can be carried out in just one office visit. Furthermore, once the bonding solution is in place, it can remain there for several years.


If your teeth look chipped or worn, you might prefer a remedy more permanent than bonding – in which case, you could consider veneers. The word “veneers” refers to shells – typically comprising porcelain – that can be placed over the front of your teeth and so alter their shape or colour.

The veneers option will require you to make two separate visits to the dentist, as the veneers will need to be produced in a laboratory before they can be fitted. However, once they are secured into place, you can expect them to outlast bonding.


As WebMD notes, these are otherwise known as caps and placed wholly over a tooth to restore it to a natural appearance. There are various instances in which you might need crowns; for example, because a weak tooth must be protected or you want coverage for a tooth with a major filling.

Rest assured that, if you do decide on having a crown fitted, it doesn’t have to look distinguishable from your natural teeth. Knowing this could imbue you with confidence.


Are your teeth visibly crooked or crowded? Braces can improve that blighted appearance, WebMD says. Braces could also assist in enhancing an irregular bite.

When worn on your teeth, braces work by applying pressure to the teeth to reposition them, typically over a few months. However, rest assured that, if individual teeth still need improvement, a dental practice offering braces might offer other cosmetic dentistry services, too – such as teeth contouring. Carefully research different treatment options to decide which would be best for you.