So many women are unhappy with their breasts. Many of them talk about having an increase in size or having them altered to get a better shape. However, having a breast reduction is much less talked about. You don’t usually hear women say that they want to make their breasts smaller, but big breasts can actually be a health issue too. Here are some signs you should have a breast reduction:

You Dislike How Big They Are

Disliking the size of your breasts is enough reason to have a breast reduction. If you hate the size of your breasts and you wish they weren’t so noticeable, you could consider having the size reduced. You just need to be sure that you won’t regret it afterwards.

You Avoid Wearing Certain Clothes

If you avoid wearing clothes you like because of your breasts, this is another sign you could be a good candidate for a breast reduction. The clothes we wear say a lot about us. They show off our personality, sense of style, and make us feel good. If we’re avoiding clothes because of the size of our breasts, having them reduced is a sensible idea. You’ll feel much more confident in everything you wear. After surgery, you’ll need to wear post surgery bras and other clothing to make you more comfortable. But once you’re all healed, you’ll be able to wear anything you like.



Your Posture is Suffering

Having good posture throughout life is very important. If our posture begins to suffer, we can find ourselves in pain later on. It doesn’t look great either! Very large breasts can affect posture, making it uncomfortable even impossible for you to stand up straight. If you’re struggling to stand straight, you should consider a breast reduction for your own health.

You’re in Pain

Being in pain because your breasts are so large is never a good thing. People might admire the size of your breasts, but they wouldn’t if they knew just how much pain they could put you in. Large breasts can cause serious back problems if left unattended. Back pain is never nice, so it’s best you get the problem sorted asap so you can stay mobile and get around comfortably.

You Struggle to Exercise

If you want to exercise but you struggle with the slightest jog or star jump, a breast reduction could help you. They can get in the way and be seriously uncomfortable while doing any form of exercise, especially intense exercise. You’ll feel like you’re carrying a huge weight around with you. If you can manage to stick to exercise, your breasts may reduce in size naturally. However, that isn’t to say your problems will disappear with them. Exercise has so many benefits, so you should try to incorporate it in some way.

If you think that having a breast reduction could be the answer to your problems, the best thing you can do is have a consultation with a professional. They’ll tell you if you’re an eligible candidate and give you advice.