When someone can no longer care for themselves alone, they need to find help from others. There are lots of options if you need someone to help care for you. Some people choose to live in a residential facility, while others would rather stay at home. If you want to live at home, one of the options available is hiring a live in carer. If you move elsewhere, you have a range of choices that could be suitable for you. There are lots of issues to consider to work out which is the best option for you or a loved one. Before you make a decision, think about the factors below.


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For most people, the main benefit of hiring a carer at home is so that they don’t have to move. When you’re familiar with your surroundings and attached to the property, it can be understandably hard to let go. Having someone come to care for you at home can help you feel more independent, even if you need the same level of care as you would elsewhere. However, for many there are also benefits to moving to a care home or assisted living facility. They can receive the support they need and perhaps can move closer to friends or family too.

The Cost of Care

Your budget is an essential thing to think about when you’re trying to decide on a care plan. You might not want to have to think about money, but unfortunately, it needs to be taken into account. Costs of care can vary widely, and which is more cost-effective for can depend on your needs. For some people who need full-time care, it can be less expensive to move into a residential care home or assisted living. However, a full-time live in carer can be much more cost-effective to care for a couple in their home. Although your budget is important, you also have to remember that cost isn’t everything.

Care and Privacy

A major concern that many people have is the loss of privacy when they need care. Unfortunately, the nature of needing care means that you have to lose some privacy. You need to be willing to let someone into your home or to have someone care for you somewhere else. But carers will do their best to help you maintain your dignity at all times. If you value your privacy, you may be reluctant to invite a carer into your home. Some people might prefer somewhere like an assisted living facility. There they can have both support and independence.


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One of the things you might think about when deciding between care at home and moving out is socializing. Many people find it a comfort to have a carer in their home to chat to and provide some company. However, others prefer to live somewhere they can spend time with people their own age. Both options will provide some form of company to stop you feeling lonely.

Choosing which care option is best for you or a loved one is a tough decision. But it’s something you should think about sooner rather than later.