Do you want to be the healthiest woman you can be? Then read on for a short guide to protecting yourself from ill health as a woman.

Protect yourself from… Common colds and flu

Take suitable supplements

Supplements, vitamins, and minerals are a popular addition to many women’s diets. It is worth doing some close research into the brand and product you invest in beforehand, however. As a woman you will need slightly different nutritional support than men. This is why ‘one size’ does not fit all. With this in mind, look out for multivitamins for women. This means it will contain the things you need a woman. Iron and Folic Acid is especially important for women.


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Protect yourself from… Sexually transmitted diseases

Have regular sexual health tests

As a woman, it is your responsibility to take care of your own sexual health. You are also free to insist on your sexual partner taking certain precautions. However, your sexual health needs to be taken care of by you. If you change sexual partners regularly, or even only occasionally, it is important to get tested for STD. Search std testing near me online if you need to find a place to go to get tested. Don’t put it off; if you do have some infections they can get worst. If you aren’t aware of an infection it can be detrimental to your own health. You are also putting other people at risk of contracting the disease or infection if you are not aware of it.

Protect yourself from… Skin cancer

Take preventative cancer measures

Tanned skin has been getting more and more popular and desirable over the last decade. Sadly, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. You may love your skin with a tan. However, the truth is, when your skin darkens it means that it has been damaged. Learn how to tan as safely as possible. The sun between 11 am and 3 pm is incredibly strong, so it’s best to stay indoors or covered during these times. It is also imperative that you wear sunscreen anytime you are in the sun. This can protect you from skin cancer. Even on an overcast summer’s day, use a factor 15 lotion. You can even get lotions you only need to apply once a day, which makes it even easier!

Protect yourself from… Poor eyesight

Get your eyes tested regularly, and wear your glasses if necessary

With such busy schedules, things like optician appointments can sometimes get pushed down our to-do lists. Or, get removed altogether. However, keeping on top of your eye appointments is the best way to ensure your eyesight stays clear. If you need glasses but don’t know it, your eyesight can deteriorate quickly. Similarly, if you know that you need glasses, you must wear them. In some cases, doing so can actually work to improve your eyesight! While clear eyes might not be a priority for you in your young age, they will be as you get older. Take care of your eyes today and you’ll be glad you did tomorrow.


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