It’s a problem that the vast majority of men are going to come up against at some point in their lives. Trouble getting or maintaining an erection isn’t the end of the world. It might be the end of a night, but you shouldn’t let that trouble you so hard. There are a lot of reasons why you might be having trouble and a lot of potential solutions as well.

Mind your head

One of the most reasons for erectile dysfunction can be one of the most difficult to talk about. The two stereotypes of a ‘real man’ include sexual prowess and stoicism. Emotional health issues that affect your ability to get an erection can make the issue doubly troublesome. But taking steps to address depression and alleviate stress will only have positive effects throughout your entire life. That includes making it easier to get into the zone and get yourself an erection.

Lifestyle has a huge impact

If you are certain that your emotional health isn’t an issue, then what about the kind of life you lead? Another of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction is smoking. It doesn’t only make it harder to achieve an erection. It also makes it a lot harder to have and enjoy sex because of issues like decreased lung capacity and finding it easier to get exhausted. Being overweight, not eating well enough, and drinking one too many are other ways that your lifestyle can easily get in the way of your sex life.

Dealing with pain

If the reason that you can’t get an erection is because you suffer from pain when you have one, then you should immediately look into the causes of the pain. A urinary tract infection can be easily fought back with antibiotics. Tight foreskin could be solved with a steroid cream or arranging an adult circumcision. Pain in the penis could also be a sign of STIs like herpes or syphilis. Whatever the reason is, pain with an erection or pain during intercourse isn’t something you should simply wait to go away. In the worst-case scenario, it could be penile cancer. The sooner you get the cause identified and treatment started, the better.

Your levels run low

If none of the problems above sound like your issue, then you might just be dealing with lower levels of testosterone. Testosterone levels tend to drop as we get older, but younger men can very easily experience it as well. Other symptoms include a lower libido in general, rapid hair loss, fatigue, even a growth of breast tissue. Once it’s identified, low testosterone can easily be fixed by lifestyle changes or even hormone replacement therapy to get your levels back up.

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All the solutions to the problems above start with one step. Talk to the doctor about it. They won’t make any assumptions, they won’t snigger, they won’t make it any more difficult for you. They are professionals and they could hold the keys to helping you enjoy your sex life once again.