You’ve just found out you’re pregnant, so congratulations are in order! Well done you and your other half. Now you face nine months of gruelling hard work and discomfort, and that’s all before going into labor. If you are about to have a baby, you may not want to read all the details of what is going to happen to your body. Let’s face it, most of it isn’t nice. But it is so worth it in the end!

First, you are probably going to get morning sickness. In the very least, you will feel a little off color which can be distracting when you want to get on with your work. Some women are physically heaving and vomiting all day. If you are bringing your breakfast up, protect your teeth and try not to let it wear you down. It will pass. Ginger biscuits can help some women.

Fairly soon into your pregnancy you will start to feel incredibly tired. Growing life takes it out of us. Sleep whenever you can and don’t let anyone tell you you’re lazy. Soon you’ll be feeling energised again, but for now, let your body do what it needs to and rest up. Once the sickness and tiredness start to subside, you may notice you are starting to get bigger in the rear. This is because your pelvis is changing shape to accommodate little one.

Sadly, many of the changes to your body are permanent after pregnancy. Your uterus will stretch, and your pelvis will change shape making your hips and bottom look bigger. Your internal organs are pushed up and out of the way to make space. This can cause acid reflux that may upset asthmatics or those with sore throats and sensitive teeth. The good news is your ribs do come down again and your organs all go back where they should be.

After six months, you may suddenly get much bigger in front. Breasts and tummies will enlarge, and this could cause stretch marks. Baby butters and moisturizing may help, but if the stretch marks are there several months after baby is out, you may want to consider a specialist stretch mark cream. You can read reviews on Trilastin for stretch marks and other creams online.

Pains in your hip, pelvis and legs are normal when you are pregnant but if you are concerned, see your doctor. Baby will probably sit in the most uncomfortable way for you and then kick you endlessly to give you many a sleepless night. This kicking usually means the baby is happy and healthy and exercising well to grow strong. If the baby seems particularly restless and not sleeping very much then see your doctor. Try soothing baby with music or maternity yoga.


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When the time finally comes for little one to come out, the early part of labor is not so bad. The trouble is that it can go on for up to 24 hours or more in some cases. Try and rest during this time so you have plenty of energy in reserve for full labor.