You must have seen lots of ads and publications about weight loss surgery, and you may consider most of the features appealing. Watch out! Most of these ads may be deceptive. There are aimed at your attention and to draw your interest. Here are some of the myths about the tonic weight loss surgery that are not true.

Myth # 1: You Will Never Regain Your Weight

Fact: This is entirely false. You are sure to regain some of the weight loss after the surgery, and remaining in shape is ultimately your responsibility.

Weight loss surgery only provides you an opportunity to lose weight significantly. This means you have to maintain your new weight or risk gaining back the lost weight.

You have to watch your diet and engage in a physical fitness program for you to maintain the weight loss after your surgery. This is the only way you will remain slim.

Myth # 2: You Will Have To Eat Tiny Meals Forever

Fact: After your surgery, you may not be able to eat like every other regular joe. For the first 2 to 3 weeks, you will eat a small amount of food. But over time, your body will return to the normal state, and you will be able to eat the same amount of food like every other average weighted person. You can use this calculator to find out how much you should be consuming.

Myth #3: It’s the Easy Way Out

Fact: A lot of people get deceived by this myth, especially those who are too lazy to see that a good physical fitness program will keep them in shape.

The mortality rate for the weight loss surgical procedure is currently at 5%, and another 5% suffer complications. The complications can be just simple nausea to even an abdominal leak (causing what you eat to get into your abdominal cavity).

Most patients even lose 50% of their hair due to their lack of protein after the procedure. Some patients who make use of the gastric bypass procedure suffer dumping syndrome which causes them to shake, sweat and even feel nauseated after taking something sweet.

In most cases, the patient outgrows this condition, while some others suffer it for the rest of their lives.

Myth # 4: My Body Will Look Great After I Have Lost Weight

Fact: Yes! You will lose that unwanted body weight, but you should get ready to tackle excessive skin which hangs around you and can be irritating. You should also know that the hanging skin requires insurance does not cover plastic surgery and most times.

Myth #5: I Won’t Be Able To Have Children after Surgery

Fact: This is not true. You can get pregnant after having a weight loss surgery; you are however advised not to get pregnant within the first year of the operation.

During this time, you can barely feed well to sustain yourself, so having a growing fetus can be dangerous. After the first year, you can get pregnant as much as you want. You will even have fewer risks as you are much healthier now.

Weight loss procedures have so many wrong stories behind them. You need the right education for you to make the right choice for yourself. You can click here to learn more about other weight loss procedures.