We’ve all been there. Picked last for the team? Missed an open goal, or failed to catch that touchdown pass? You’re in good company, believe me. That’s not a reason to give up, though. All major sports stars have struggled at some point in their careers, but they never stopped striving for greatness.

As an amateur sports player, exercise is obviously key. Practice and exercise go hand-in-hand, so try to get out there and keep playing as much as possible. Don’t be discouraged if things aren’t going well. Ask your friends to play a mini-game, or even use it as bonding time with some of your family. Any time spent practicing is a worthy cause to your overall game. Just don’t overdo it, or you could end up with time on the sidelines because of overexertion.


If you’re not currently part of a team, why not?! Teams are a great way to schedule regular practice sessions and bond with teammates. You’ll learn much more about tactics from your coach, and you’ll get real match experience. There’s no substitute for the pressure and excitement of a real game. If you can’t get excited about this, you’re probably not cut out for the sport. That said, not everyone is a great fit on a particular team. If you’re finding it difficult to get on with other players or even your coach, it’s fine to look around for another team. Just stick it out for a while first, as you never know when things might improve.

Exercise is nothing without good health, however. You need to be eating the right things, and getting good amounts of sleep. Your body will thank you for it, and you’ll be able to go the extra mile as a result. You could also look at sports nutrition supplements. These are particularly effective for hard training in exhaustive sports such as weightlifting. If you’re going down this route, go for a product that’s filled with clean and natural ingredients, like the ones at https://gognarly.com.

Another good way of researching when you’re not out there is to study the game that’ you’re playing. Read about tactics and different formations. Look at the history of the game, and watch Youtube videos of famous players discussing tips for amateurs. You need to grab as much knowledge as possible to be best placed for success.

All of the top sports stars were avid followers of the sport growing up. If you’re honestly not that interested in this side of the game, reconsider if this is the sport for you. Don’t be pressurized into a sport that you simply don’t have enough passion for.

It’s important to note that you’re doing this to have fun. It’s easy to berate yourself for a mistake, but don’t let it consume your life. Very few people make it to the big time, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself.  Enjoy playing the game, make some friends, and maybe I’ll be seeing you in the headlines one day.