Smoking is an addiction, there’s no doubt about it. But it’s also a habit, one that becomes an ingrained part of our personality. Smokers more than crave a smoke. We also like it. Which makes it harder to quit because it doesn’t have any immediate devastating effects. However, it does have long-term devastating effects. And incremental devastating effects. From the risk of cancer to teeth discolouration, there are a thousand small and large reasons to stop smoking. But it can be difficult. So you need to be stronger. Here are just some of the ways you can help make yourself stronger. That way you’ll be much better equipped to fight those cravings.


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Having a support system around you is a great way to fight any addiction. Drinking and drugs may cause more destructive behaviour than smoking. But good friends and family will see past the difference. They will see that it’s an addiction that’s harming you and that you can rely on them to help you. Be with people who help you avoid stressful situations. Build your relationships and let them know what you need. Always make sure that you’re grateful and that you express it, even when cravings have your temper flaring up. You’re still in control, so don’t take your withdrawal out on them.


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Stress is one of the clear side-effects of having nicotine withdrawal. It’s why we get cranky after that first day of not smoking and positively furious after a week. When you feel those cravings, you need to do whatever you can to relax. There are a lot of different methods, from using aromatherapy to doing some exercise. Find a practice that works at getting you into a relaxed space make it a part of your daily routine. Stress can easily lead to smoking again, so we avoid it.


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Are mental and social support not enough? Then you may need to consider relieving your addiction by using nicotine replacements. Gum and patches are easily used and available at just about any chemist or doctors’. E-cigarettes have been rising in popularity recently, too. They allow for a sensation similar to smoking, providing a relief for the sensory craving as well as the chemical. They also come in a variety of flavours. Find your favourite by reading up on things like this space jam e juice review. Find the nicotine replacement that works for you. Then slowly reduce the strength of dose until you’re free entirely.


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Relapse is the one word we all fear when it comes to addictions. For smokers, it can feel like an inevitability as well. But it doesn’t have to be. If you truly fear that you are at the point of relapse, take a look at yourself. Do you fit the red flags for relapsing? Are you relaxing your efforts to fight your cravings? Are you spending time with people who might help you relapse? If you’re at risk of relapsing, you may need to try the replacement methods named above. It’s better than pushing to the brink and getting back into smoking full-time.