Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sources of sexual health issues amongst men and yet still something of a taboo. There’s no doubt there’s something intrinsically embarrassing to men about not feeling ‘man enough’. Yet, if we get past the silly notion that our masculinity is governed by a part of our health caused by outside factors, we can treat it. The first step is talking about it, then moving from there.


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Sourcing the problem

So, what causes erectile dysfunction? The truth is that there isn’t one definitive answer. A lot of things can make it difficult to ‘get it up’. Blood vessel damage by things like high blood pressure or harmful substances are one answer. Stress and mood disorders are a very common cause of erectile dysfunction. Other times it’s caused by health issues like diabetes or obesity. To answer the question, it’s best to look at your life and the listed causes and see what fits.

Abstain from the harmful stuff

It’s always a good idea to keep away from the vices. It’s an even better idea when it involves your sexual health. The occasional drink might seem like a social lubricant by losing those inhibitions. But it is the cause of the immediate possibility of being ‘unable to perform’. You can also risk long-term impotence from alcohol abuse. Smoking’s another vice that causes direct harm to the blood vessels of your penis, so consider quitting.


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Getting fit

Physical fitness plays a big role in sexual health. Blood pressure matters to our health for all kinds of reasons. Getting in the way of your sex life is just one of those. As we mentioned, it can cause damage to the blood vessels in your penis making it harder to obtain an erection. Get fit and watch your blood pressure.


Sometimes, erectile dysfunction is caused by a lack of testosterone in a male. Again, this can lead to insecurities about ‘not being man enough’. Again, these are silly notions about biology beyond your control. A lot of men suffer lower levels of testosterone, especially as they age. It can lead to mood issues and hair loss as well as sexual health snafus. They’re also easily treatable with different kinds of hormone therapy as well. Getting yourself a course of that therapy could bring the life back into the bedroom.


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If nothing else is working immediately and you want to get back in the game, medication can be the answer. There are a few different medical treatments for erectile dysfunction. The most recognisable are being Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. It’s important to get a medical opinion before you go sourcing these yourself. Other issues might be behind your erectile dysfunction that the medication could get in the way of. If not, they’re perfectly good methods of giving yourself that kick while you take care of the long-term causes.

Erectile dysfunction will impact most men at least once in some point of their lives. The key to getting better is realising it doesn’t reflect on you. You don’t blame yourself for a chesty cough or a cut, so don’t do it for this either.