If you’ve ever slept in the same room or bed with a person who snores heavily then you already know just how annoying it can be.  Perhaps you’re reading this right now because someone you know insisted that you do something about your late night “low sawing”?  Whatever the reason, you need to know how to stop snoring, right?  It’s also safe to assume that you need this to be as direct and cheap as possible, does that ring a bell?  Well, you’ve come to the right place, we’re about to examine all of the conventional methods for helping a person get their snoring under control once and for all.  Additionally, researchers actually recommend that one do something to correct the problem as it has been linked to dangerous sleep disorders and might even be a sign of obstructed breathing passages (i.e. – a warning).

Try to get back into a normal sleep cycle / schedule

More often than not one can get rid of snoring by just realigning themselves with a more conventional sleep schedule.  When we’re off kilter it affects the various systems in our body, which in turn can generate adverse affects, snoring being considered as just another symptom of a sleeping disorder.  Studies have shown that returning to a more balanced cycle, where you are waking up in the morning and going to bed at a reasonable hour, can help to eliminate one’s snoring.

Get some exercise

It has of course become a cliché for anyone promoting health tips to say “get some exercise”, but there’s a reason why it keeps popping up – it works.  Essentially, the body needs to be worked harder on occasion in order to build up resistance, this in turn strengthens certain elements therein, like the musculature and respiratory systems.   Getting more exercise can really strengthen your breathing apparatus and clear out your air passages too.

Avoid certain substances, especially when it’s late

If you like to drink alcohol or use other substances, rely on sedatives / sleeping pills, late at night then it is highly advised that you try to alter these habits.  Include smoking in that list also, which in many ways is the worst offender of all (for obvious reasons).  Yes, they might be contributing to snoring, but it’s also a good idea simply because lifestyles which rely on these kinds of habits tend to foster all sorts of terrible diseases and conditions.  Anyway, if you want to stop snoring, just go easy on the sauce, capice?

Try a “stop snoring aid”

Just doing a cursory search via Google should yield links to a number of useful stop snoring aids like those utilizing chin straps, nose clips or mouth guards.   Sure, this might violate the whole concept of cutting out the snoring on a tight budget but sometimes you might need a bit of professional help, you know?

Try to trim down if you’re overweight

If you’re a bit overweight then your snoring might actually be a side effect of this condition.  Studies have even shown that it might not actually be one’s size that’s to blame, but the amount of fat in the diet, meaning that whatever it is that you’re eating on a daily basis might be keeping your friends / family / roommates up at night.