There’s an old joke about smokers and quitting; the set-up and punch line are basically stuck together in a statement, it goes a little something like this:   “Quitting smoking is easy, I’ve done it dozens of times.”  This comedic quote is of course attributed to none other than Mark Twain and is meant to be humorous, but there is a deep truth buried in such jesting.  Since you’re reading this it’s safe to assume that you’ve had enough and really want to kick the habit once and for all.  First off, congratulations, for many people the desire to stop simply never arises and they continue on until it eventually creates some negative consequences for them (health and well-being or relationship-wise).   Whatever your reasoning is, consider the following advice on how to quit smoking…

Stair stepping downward

Generally speaking, the most often referenced method for cessation of smoking activities involves gradually “stair stepping” downwards off of nicotine rather than just trying to quit cold turkey (all at once).   Even if you have little to no psychological difficulties when it comes to kicking addiction(s), it’s a good idea to gradually move downward because of the way the body works with regards to chemical balance.  Simply put, nicotine is actually a poison, so if you’re a heavy smoker it could be said that you’ve built up a sizable dependence on the substance and your body has come to rely on it in one or more ways.   In instances like these simply removing the influence of a substance altogether can generate various types of withdrawal symptoms too.  One can pull this off by just gradually limiting the number of cigarettes they allot themselves per day.  Of course, if you lack the willpower to do it yourself then perhaps you’re not ready to actually quit?

Transitioning over to nicotine gum

Quite a lot of people have reported successfully eliminating smoking from their life by switching over to nicotine gums.  Moreover, one of the benefits of doing this is that they often feature various sizes from large to small which again, help you to better manage your cessation goals, gradually limiting nicotine’s powerful influence over your body and mind.

Just go all Chuck Norris and stop one day

No one said it had to be a long, drawn out affair.   For those who consider themselves to truly have everything under control (and are actually motivated and ready for the change), there’s always the option to just go all Chuck Norris and stop suddenly.  No one said that quitting smoking had to be a long, drawn-out production.   Additionally, it’s not as if you’re really going to hurt yourself by just kicking it cold turkey (like a boss).  Once you overcome the physical dependence it’s really only a question of psychological need and desire, isn’t it?

Seek out professional help

Arguably, the most effective and direct way to stop smoking is to enlist the help of your doctor, a psychiatrist or even a hypnotist who specializes in smoking cessation.  Think of it this way – you wouldn’t try to rewire your home’s electricity system would you?   No, of course not, you’d hire a qualified professional to do it for you.  The same principle holds true here as well; quitting smoking might require a bit of a team effort to make happen.