When you’re starting a private practice, you suddenly need to start thinking a lot more about the patient’s experience. For a lot of us, our most experience prior is simply in making sure we can personally provide the best quality of care possible. However, when it’s your business, you need to think larger in scope. You want to make sure your patients are happy to keep coming back. So this guide’s going to take a look at how you can better make them feel at ease.



Make sure the environment is professional

You want to make them comfortable to be there. However, you also need to make sure that the focus of the design of the premises is geared towards professionalism. Your services and expertise should be enough to communicate that, but the environment can help do that as well. That means keeping design familiar to a healthcare environment. Like using proper hospital furniture, to start with.

Taking their point of view in mind

Another key is making sure that you keep the patient’s view in mind. In terms of décor, communication and marketing. You need to think about what they want to see from their health providers. Depending on what kind of service you run, these values will differ. For example, if It’s a rehab facility, patients might want to be able to easily see a history of results. Think of their needs and how to best communicate to them.

Stay on schedule

It’s a common complaint of healthcare administrators that patients can often be late or not show up to appointments at all. However, if you have trouble keeping appointments and managing your workload, that’s just as much as a problem. Healthcare is important to customers, but so is their time. You need to value it as much as you value your own. This means making sure that you do your best to reduce patient waiting times.

Keep in touch

It goes beyond their experience within the four walls, as well. A lot of people do not necessarily like visiting their doctors. So you need to provide a welcoming, caring experience even after they leave. Stay in touch with them. Remember the little details about them. Whilst maintaining your professional distance, foster a real connection with your patients. A certain degree of personal affability will do wonders to keep them coming back in future.

Get the whole staff involved

It’s not just you who should be trying to make sure they feel at ease, either. You need to communicate that need to the rest of the staff as well. This means reviewing your staff and their bedside manners. Training them on recognising the importance of treating patients like people first. Then customers second. You can put in all the effort that you like, but if someone in your staff is slipping up, it can still make the experience worse for your patient.


Hopefully, this guide has given you something to think about. The patients are the most important part of any private practice, so keep them in mind at all times.