Whenever you browse through the fitness websites looking for a way to get into exercising, everything seems so advanced and difficult. When you have been away from physical activity for a while, all of the recommended workouts seem to be so far away from where you feel you are physically. Instead, you want something that is easily achievable to ease you into a regular activity. Finding something easy and basic can be hard to do, but we give you the best ways to increase your activity in bite size chunks for beginners:

Walking – The best way to get into exercising is to start with very short walks. Finding a reason to take a walk may be the best way to make it habitual. Quit buying snacks in your weekly shop, and instead walk to the corner shop to buy just one for that day. Swap the snack for newspaper or pint of milk if you like. There is no need to rush or work up a sweat. Instead, take your time and think about what you are enjoying about this little stroll to and from the shop.


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Swimming – Even if you are unhappy with your body, nobody can make out what shape you are under the water! It doesn’t matter if you can’t swim either. You just need to be in the water to improve your tone. Try holding onto the side and kicking your legs out a little. Even walking around in the pool will help improve your circulation and increase your strength. It’s gentle and leads to more active things like water aerobics very quickly.

Housework – Yes, it’s true. Housework can be very good for you! Choose from ironing, vacuuming, washing the car, hanging the laundry, and changing all the bed linen each day. You’ll get quite a good workout in just those few minutes, plus you’ll be working some key muscles to improve your strength and tone. You can find some good apps to help you count the calories you have burned from doing these kinds of activities too. It all counts.

Dancing – Even dancing for a few minutes can significantly improve your metabolism. If you have kids, make a game of it. Kids love to play games that involve moving the body in sequence. You can find some great console games that get you up on your feet to dance as well. If you are too embarrassed to join a class, there are also some great dancing tutorials online to get you started.

Go upstairsUsing your stairs just twice more a day than you would normally do is a really great way to get started with becoming more active. Use the bathroom upstairs instead of the downstairs one, or nip upstairs to brush your hair. Find any excuse, and make it a habit for life. If you drink one extra glass of water or any drink you like, you will have a need to pop to the bathroom one extra time too! Take ten minutes out of your day to check you have done something extra to get more physical.