Until an individual has had to deal with a migraine headache it could be said that they don’t really know what painful misery is. Sure, there are plenty of other situations or ailments which can cause lots of intense suffering, but the incessant throbbing of a migraine is, for those that have them, unbearable and extremely unwelcome. To add insult to injury, these types of headaches also come with other infuriating symptoms such as light sensitivity, blurriness of vision, nausea and more. How might one effectively deal with migraines, you ask? Well, that’s exactly what you’re about to find out…

Ascertain if it is indeed a migraine first

If you are not absolutely certain that your malady is indeed a migraine, you absolutely must make sure. Often times a person might be suffering from a particularly nasty tension headache or perhaps something else entirely. Naturally, if the following symptoms keep on recurring then schedule an appointment with your doctor ASAP:

  • Nausea
  • Pain on the sides of your temples
  • Visual phenomenon (akin to light hallucinations)
  • No appetite
  • Lights seem brighter and piercing
  • Smells are much more intense
  • Sounds are abrasive
  • Recurrent attacks
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy / fatigue
  • Feeling like you want to vomit, but can’t

Identify your trigger(s)

According to leading researchers who are still desperately trying to figure out what the root cause of migraines actually is, there are likely certain “triggers” which cause this condition to surface. In reality, it could be nearly anything, so perhaps the best course of action is to keep a small journal and when you begin to feel the symptoms arising, write down everything you did, ate, etc. for that day in as much detail as possible. In this way you can eventually start to see a pattern which you can then break, which in theory should eliminate your migraines as well.   Note* – keep in mind that it could be a combination of things, not one sole activity.

Go to a dark room and try to sleep

When your body and/or brain just doesn’t want to play nice it’s sometimes necessary to trim down the sensory variables in order to alleviate one or more symptoms.   This is why many physicians simply recommend that people find an extremely dark room and try to go to sleep. Chances are you’ll wake up feeling much better than before and if not, at least you’ll be well-rested.

Did you get your daily caffeine fix?

Often times, intense migraines and headaches are associated with too little caffeine intake. Yes, you read that correctly…too little, the opposite of too much. By the same token, loads of experts will be quick to point out that too much can also cause headaches – it is common to find people suffering from coffee withdrawal to have intense migraines.

Food and diet

Some individuals claim success with chicken broth-based soups, particularly if they are feeling so ill that it’s hard to keep food down. Moreover, in some cases migraine might be triggered by lack of food (or even what one is eating).