If you are looking for ways to improve your diet this year, you may be wondering how on earth you will be able to afford everything that is suggested. We know we need to eat more foods like avocados and fruits, but they come with such a high price tag, they are more likely to be treats than a replacement for sweets. What if they were free? If they cost nothing, would you be eating them daily? Would you really be able to give up the sweets and eat free fruit instead?

Growing your own fruit needn’t be tricky, challenging or wasteful. If you are determined to replace sweets with sweet fruits, having them fresh from your own back garden couldn’t be healthier. You can plant fruit bushes, nut trees and pot plants to grow your own food. If you are up for a little more work, you may even consider creating a vegetable patch. The climate for your area may dictate a little what it is you can grow, but there will be lots of choices, wherever you live.

Even the heat loving Avocado can be grown indoors in a large pot. It may take up to ten years before it fruits though. You may have more luck sticking with fruits and veg that can grow where you live. The less attention it needs from you, the more chance you have of a good crop you can eat, freeze for later, or sell to make some money to buy avocados from the grocery store!


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Sunshine and frost protection are key for most plants, and fruit and veg are no different. You can grow a garden that is full of nutritionally excellent foods in most climates. Things like tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries, walnuts and soybeans can all be grown in your own garden. The trusty potato is a popular plant to grow, and some species work well in pots too. Decide what space you can spare, and have a look around for some seeds or plants.

Growing your own is a great way to save money, and motivate you to eat healthily. Some gardens do take a fair amount of work, but it’s all good exercise. If having fruit off the vine at arms length staves off the cravings for candies and chocolate, it can’t be a bad thing at all. If you are lucky enough to produce more than you can eat or freeze, take the surplus to a local market or sell it through FaceBook.

Whether it’s fruit or veg that you grow or perhaps you go for both, eating fresh from your garden is a great way to improve your health. It doesn’t take much to harvest a crop once it starts to fruit, although you should always wash your produce before eating it or cooking it. There are plenty of websites you can look at for ideas, or you may be able to find some other people trying to get healthy, in the same way. Swap hints and tips with each other, and maybe even crop yields to add extra variety to your free healthy diet.