Some of us who take the time to look after our bodies and our health tend to do so alone. Others enjoy competitive sports like tennis or racket ball. Even if we enjoy team sports and belong to a club, there is a chance that most of our workouts are done in isolation. To maximise the benefits of sport, our social skills need to be as refined as our bodies. But sometimes, confidence is the one thing we haven’t been exercising.

Working as part of a team when we are into sports can often be done with one leader and little speaking on our part. The trouble is, the more we can communicate, the better we can perform as a team. Building rapport and friendship with our team mates is essential to a strong team. But exercising by its very nature is often lonely and done away from everyone else. We probably have music blasting out on loudspeakers, or through our headphones.

Even those of us with the strongest bodies and best physiques can suffer from problems with communication. It has nothing to do with our health or social standing, but can come from a lack of confidence. Sports can easily erode your personal confidence for lots of reasons. It is possible to cause you to shy away from speaking to people or even socialising. When you are put on the spot to speak, you may even find you stutter just trying to get some words out.

Practicing speaking in small, familiar social groups can dramatically help your confidence. When speaking with strangers, stuttering may prevent you from even trying. Some stuttering may be caused by a lack of confidence, but when you can’t seem to control it on your own, you may need to seek help. The more you do it, the more you shy away from speaking, so it doesn’t happen.


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If you are not sure how you can cure stuttering start a search online. You will probably find advice recommending you force yourself into situations most likely to cause you to stutter. For some, tackling the problem head on to defeat it works, much like your sports training. For others, it may feel like you are making the problem worse, and your ability to communicate verbally deteriorates further. Needless to say, like refining your body and performance, the task of ridding yourself of a stutter takes a bespoke programme of exercises.

When you are struggling to communicate easily and effectively, it can be very upsetting, stressful and even traumatic. You may be able to avoid speaking much in your daily life, but there will come times when you must come across as confident and able in your communication. Job interviews and speaking to your kid’s teachers at the school are things that may not come up often, but you need to be able to handle it. Stuttering often starts in childhood, but if it suddenly comes on as an adult, and you cannot find a good reason for it, you may want to seek medical advice from your doctor.