If you’re not happy at work, this can be bad for your health. We spend a whole lot of our time at work, so feeling unhappy with it can affect mental and emotional well being. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut. This guide will help you to feel happier at work so you don’t dread getting up in the morning:

Make Friends

Making friends and work will instantly make you happier as you’ll look forward to seeing them. You’ll also get more job satisfaction, as it’s been proven that having friends at work increases productivity. You’ll all work together better as a team, and talk about any problems and successes together.

Make the Space Your Own

Usually, you’ll have your own area at work where you’ll go about your business. Become happier at work by making the space your own. Include pictures you like, artwork, and motivational quotes. Put up a calendar. Do what you can to make it feel like your home away from home. Plants can be beneficial too!

Eat Healthier

Eating healthier during the day will make you both more productive and happier. If you eat rubbish every day at work, it’ll become impossible to avoid that afternoon slump that most people get. Eat food that energizes you and makes you feel good instead. Take a packed lunch if you have to.

Move Around

Move around during the day so you’re not sat in front of your computer all day long. Get up and take a walk. Stretch. Even do some press ups. Getting some exercise in when you have a short break will wake you up and motivate you to continue. Don’t let your productivity slow down as the day goes on.


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Start the Day With Something Nice

By starting the day with something nice, you set yourself up for the rest of the day. Instead of rushing because you got out of bed last minute, get up early and meditate. Read a chapter of your favorite book. Have a nice hot drink. There’s no better way to start the day! You’ll feel happier in general if you do this too.

Speak to Your Boss

Is there anything your boss could do to make you happier? Is there a bullying issue in the workplace? Something that’s bugging you? Go and speak to them as it’s their job to keep you happy. They might offer something along the lines of an occupational health service to give advice. There are plenty of options!

Don’t Get Annoyed

Instead of getting annoyed with people at work and their quirky ways, laugh about it instead. Observe and smile. Think about how funny the human race is. We are all annoying in our own wonderful way. Don’t get annoyed with it, just accept it as a part of life and move on. Don’t take certain actions as something against you; most of the time, it’s just the way that a person is!

If you’re still not happy at work, it sounds like you need to find somewhere new. Good luck!