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Taking any kind of education involved with health isn’t easy. The human body is pretty darn complex, and fully understanding any one part of that can take years of study. Despite this, jobs in the medical sector are some of the most rewarding out there. One of the most fast-paced and important positions is an Emergency Medical Technician. If you’re training for this role, here are some helpful pointers.

The first pointer I can offer is to read and re-read the textbook. If your course has started and you haven’t looked at the first page, then spend a day or two catching up! This will give you a valuable look into your strengths and weaknesses. When certain subjects come up in class, you’ll be able to tell straight away how well you know them. Your tutor will want everyone reading the same edition, but you may be able to get one which has work sections. By doing practice questions in your own time, you’ll get those important facts and figures firmly embedded in your memory. This may seem fairly obvious, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who neglect the book.

The next thing that’s integral to your EMT certification is practicing your NREMT skills. As with anything physical, practice makes perfect. When it comes to do these exercises in class, have one of your classmates reading each step on the list and keeping an eye on your performance. Missing out some of the smallest details in the way these exercises are prescribed can really hurt the result of your final assessment. Even when you don’t have a partner handy, you can practice yourself by trying to write down the list from memory. Even when you have this down to a tee, recite it to yourself throughout the day. You’ll need to recall it as fast as possible when it comes to your assessment.

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Finally, keep your attendance up. If you’re especially gifted, you may have been able to coast through education pretty easily so far. In an EMT class, however, things are different. You cover so much information in every single period. After missing just a couple of days, you could come back feeling like you’ve fallen far behind your classmates. Playing catch up, if you realistically want to pass the exam, is incredibly hard in classes like this. To make sure you pass first time, keep in-step with your fellow students, and have enough leisure time to avoid a total breakdown, be present and punctual as much as possible.

Hopefully this has made your EMT course feel a little less daunting. Here’s a final bit of advice for any educational course: make friends and ask for help. There might be one or two prodigies in your class. Aside from this, everyone’s finding it as tough as you are. Don’t cling onto pride so much that you don’t look for help when you need it. The main reason people want to become EMTs is to help people, so don’t be shy!