It comes to us all at some stage of our lives: we all have to grow old! There’s no way around that fact, despite many people’s attempts at finding a fountain of youth or something similar! While we must all accept the fact that we are getting older, the one thing we can do is grow old gracefully.

As you can appreciate, if you lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your body in mind in peak fitness, you’ll enjoy your twilight years. So, what are the secrets to living longer and happier lives?

Well, it turns out there aren’t any secrets as such; they are more common-sense facts that we should follow! Here’s the definitive guide to growing old gracefully that you’ve been searching for:

Drinking plenty of water really is good for you

You’ll often hear health experts telling you about the benefits of drinking copious amounts of water each day. After all; doing so will stave off dehydration! But, what you may not know about water is that it helps you to remain alert and fight off the dreaded afternoon fatigue we all feel as we get older!

Consider consuming a high-oxidant food such as prunes each afternoon to keep your brain alert and your body able to function well.

Assisted living can be a great way to broaden your horizon

Some of us will get to a point where our offspring and other relatives will migrate away from our home turf. As you can imagine, that usually means you could end up living alone, especially if your spouse is no longer around.

Assisted living can give you a sense of purpose and community spirit, making you feel useful and wanted in your life. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to try out all kinds of new activities you’ve never done during your working life, and you get to make new friends.

Just make sure that you choose the right assisted living location for you. The sad truth is that some places don’t offer residents a happy and memorable time, as this article from the Dolman Law Group details. But, if you take into account recommendations and feedback from residents and friends, you’re sure to find the perfect assisted living home for your needs.

Feed your brain with new challenges each day

We all know that our brains are the reason why we can function as we do each day! Just like anything that does a job all the time, it can end up failing.

To prevent that from happening, you need to keep your mind stimulated on a regular basis.

One way to do that is by challenging yourself to reach certain goals. For instance, you could play a computer game or solve a crossword puzzle. In essence, do something that requires you to think about it!

Don’t be afraid to try new foods

Last, but not least, a balanced diet is important for staying healthy, especially as we grow older.

Did you know that you could be missing out on foods that are both good for you and tasty? There’s a whole world of cuisines and delicacies out there; don’t be afraid to try them!