If you love sports, there are lots of different ways you can use your skills and your passion to help others. If you’re hoping to find a job that involves being active or you’re looking for constructive ways to use your spare time, here are some great ways you can use your love of exercise to benefit others.

Coaching and mentoring

Do you enjoy working with children or young adults? Are you a people person? Are you committed to helping others better themselves? If so, you may find a career in teaching, coaching or mentoring incredibly rewarding. Even if you already have a job, you could consider taking on a coaching role as a sideline. In certain instances, you’ll need qualifications to get a job, but there may also be volunteer roles available. If you’re considering training or coaching as a career, look into courses like a Masters of Athletic Training online and find out about opportunities to get experience on the job. Coaching is predominantly involved with improving athletic performance, but mentoring roles also have a pastoral element.

Personal training

Are you an energetic person who feels like they could help others reach their potential and hit their targets? If you’re highly motivated, and you think you could help to motivate other people who want to get in shape, lose weight or improve their performance for a competition, personal training may be an option worth considering. If you have the relevant qualifications and training, you could undertake this as a full-time job or work freelance and take on a few clients at a time. You could look for roles at gyms or sports centers, apply to work with teams or clubs or look into the possibility of setting up your own business.

Therapy and rehabilitation

Physical activity is not always just about reaching peak fitness. It’s also about making the body stronger and improving quality of life. If you want to make a difference and get something out of your day job, you could investigate healthcare roles, such as working as a physical therapist or volunteering at a facility that provides workshops or exercise sessions for children or adults with physical disabilities or additional needs. If these roles sound appealing, do some research to find out more about the kinds of qualifications you’ll need. If you don’t need training for volunteer opportunities, visit some local centers, have a look around, and inquire about vacancies.

Do you love nothing more than training or play sports? If you’re an active person and you’re on the lookout for a new job, or you’re keen to volunteer, there are loads of different ways you can use your love of exercise to benefit others. You may be interested in coaching or mentoring roles, or the idea of being a personal trainer may fill you with excitement. If you’re looking for job satisfaction and you are keen to make a difference on a daily basis, looking at healthcare roles may also be a good idea.