Working out your whole body at once is a great way to improve overall fitness, and it can save you time too. If you want to get in a full-body workout, there are some excellent pieces of equipment that can help you. Choosing just one piece of equipment that works out your whole body is a good idea if you’re looking for something to get for your home or if you’re hoping to keep fit with just one type of workout, instead of a number of different exercises. Before you decide which equipment to buy, consider these options.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are one popular choice for getting a full-body workout, either at home or at the gym. They mimic the action of rowing, with a moving seat, so you have to engage pretty much all your muscles to use it properly. Another great thing about rowing machines is that they’re low-impact, so they won’t put strain on your joints. You can adjust the resistance to go as hard or gentle as you want to with your workout. Plus, if you actually row or paddle in some form, it’s great for working out the right muscles. Try to find out how to use a rowing machine.

Elliptical Machines

Another excellent option for an all-body workout is the elliptical machine or crosstrainer. This piece of equipment gets your arms and legs moving, working out your core at the same time. The rotating movement lifts your legs up and around, a bit like you’re taking long strides. You hold the bars at the front to move your arms too. You can look at a site like for some examples of what to look for in an elliptical machine. Like a rowing machine, you can adjust the resistance. Some models might feature a seat, instead of being a standing only machine.

Air Gliders

A relation to the elliptical machine, gliders are another piece of equipment you can use for a full-body workout. Unlike ellipticals, gliders don’t use a circular movement. Instead, they move back and forth on the same level. The movement is a bit like cross-country skiing, with your arms and legs moving backward and forward. They are often more simple pieces of equipment but can be useful for a few things. The impact on your knees and hips is reduced, and you can make sure the movement stays within your comfort levels.


It might be a more surprising piece of equipment, but a trampette or trampoline can be a great choice for a workout. It offers excellent cardio, for starters. In fact, jumping on a trampoline is better than running. Jumping can help to exercise various parts of the body, but it’s not the only use for a trampette. They can also be used as supports for doing other exercises, such as sit ups, push ups and planks. They’re also easy to store in a corner when you’re not using them.

You have a few choices if you want some equipment that will give you a full body workout. Think about what sort of exercise is suitable for your needs.