Most of us have blemishes and skin imperfections from time to time. We often cover them up and wait a few days for them to disappear. But when marks on your skin leave you feeling self-conscious there is only a limited amount you can do. We all have to wage war on our skin occasionally to get it back to looking its best. If your marks are long term or permanent, what are your options?

It is easy for blemishes and injuries to the skin to leave a permanent mark behind. That’s why it is always best to prevent them happening in the first place. A good skin care routine is essential to keep spots and acne at bay. Start by avoiding tap water if you have sensitive skin. Those prone to dry areas should also steer clear of the water. Instead, use a good, sensitive skin cleanser twice a day. If you wear a lot of makeup, clean it all off at lunchtime too.

A good toner that is alcohol-free is essential for sensitive skin or skin prone to spots. It avoids irritation or drying out. It also means that your skin is better at taking alcohol solutions when an outbreak occurs. Moisturize with a light lotion that isn’t oily. As you get older, a heavier night cream can be used at bedtime.

If a spot starts to appear under the skin, dab a little alcohol hand cleanser directly on it. It should help combat any bacteria that is causing the problem. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins too. If you suffer from breakouts, it is essential you don’t touch your face. Our finger tips are in contact with lots of germs and bacteria that can be transferred to your skin. Regularly wash your hands.

Do you have scars that make you self-conscious? There are lots of great home remedies you can try at to reduce their appearance. Marks on the skin can be very obvious when they first appear. Tackling them early helps them fade quicker. Expensive creams can be a waste of money sometimes. Start with the simplest remedies first to see what can be achieved.


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Diet can play a part in the appearance of your skin. Poor diet can make bags under the eyes seem more prominent. A lack of good nutrition can also be responsible for dry or oily skin too. Plenty of water with a few splashes of lemon juice can help keep you cleansed from the inside. Of course, your hormones are the biggest factor when it comes to outbreaks. But even your hormones can be better controlled with a good diet.

Exfoliating your skin is good for its appearance and its health. It takes the dead skin cells off that look old and unhealthy. This unclogs the younger, smoother cells underneath to reveal a youthful glow. Aim to do this twice a week. A mud mask can also help remove toxins and dead cells. Take care of your body to reveal beautiful skin.