Staying healthy is the trick to cheap medical bills. It may sound obvious, but prevention really is better than cure. It takes a lot of financial burdens and stress off you if you are fit and healthy too. However, we are all prone to ill health, especially when we have children in our lives or we work in busy environments. Sometimes, we fall ill, and there was nothing we could have done to prevent it.

If you do come down with a nasty cold or flu, it’s important to rest. You may not feel that you can take the time off work, but if you rest, you will recover more quickly. It is also important to drink plenty of fluids to help flush your body out and stay hydrated. A streaming cold can leave you very dehydrated. This can then leave you vulnerable to further unpleasant symptoms.


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While it is nice to relieve the symptoms of a cold, some say inhibiting your body’s natural reactions prolongs the illness. Cough and cold remedies to prevent you from sneezing and coughing may be keeping the germs and irritants in your body for longer. We cough and sneeze to get them out, but, of course, this risks spreading the virus around! If you have a temperature, it is often a sign your body is working to eliminate the virus. We often use paracetamol and other medicines to bring the temperature down. But this could be reducing our body’s antibody effectiveness.

Most of us have to work to make ends meet and taking a day off just isn’t an option. These remedies certainly have their place, and a high temperature can be very dangerous if left untreated. Some cough and cold symptoms can be symptoms of other more serious medical conditions. You may need to see a doctor if your symptoms are not easing. If you need more treatment, you could use a discount scheme like Ardina to help with the cost of prescriptions.

Usually, a cold is gone after a week or so of snuffly misery. Like many viruses, it can’t be treated, but the human body is quite good at getting rid of it. To ensure you have a good immune system, it is essential that you eat well. This means having a balanced diet including fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy products and protein. If you’re unable to eat a good diet, you should consider good alternatives, so there is no gap in your nutritional intake.

To avoid spreading your virus, or picking up someone else’s good hand hygiene is important. There are many handy pocket gels to help keep your hands clean when you are out and about. Touching your face and mouth is one of the easiest ways to pick up germs. Always wash your hands after visiting the bathroom or being outside. Even our pets can harbor germs and bacteria that can make us ill, so wash your hands after petting if you can. You can’t avoid every cold that goes around, but you can reduce how long it keeps you down. Stay healthy.