Experts have warned that painkillers have become a gateway drug to heroin. They say that the drugs commonly given out by doctors for pain treatment have now been shown to cause a need for a better fix. Why is this? It’s actually not all that surprising when you look at the facts. Heroin is being used because it has the same type of effect as painkillers. The difference is that heroin is a lot cheaper to buy and can be found easily on the streets. The shocking statistic is that the use of heroin is more common in women rather than men.

However, the signs that painkillers could act as a gateway drug have been around for a while. Many people have noted that methadone, a popular medicine used in detoxing heroin addicts is just as addictive. In fact, addicts that were addicted to heroin find themselves needing bigger quantities of methadone after a long period. They become reliant on the drug. While there is a lot of treatment options for heroin users, for methadone addicts, the situation is rather different. Only a few clinics in the country help high dose methadone patients detox. This leads to two questions. What should we be using instead for paint treatment and, what are the best treatments for addicts?


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Pain Therapy

This isn’t the first report that people have become too reliant on medicine, and it certainly won’t be the last. It is worrying that painkillers lead to heroin use. But it’s also troubling that taking medicine, in general, is reducing the effect of antibiotics. It seems we do need to cut back on the daily used of medicine.

For people in pain, this could mean more therapeutic treatments rather than medicine. Studies have shown that muscle therapy has been just as effective at reducing pain as prescription medicine. In particular sufferers of fibromyalgia have found water therapy reduces the amount of swelling in their back. As well as this mind-calming techniques have also been shown to reduce the pain sufferers feel. Meditation has long been recognised as a way to stop feeling pain and heal the body.

Psychological treatments can not be dismissed. The use of psychological therapy has helped sufferers of phantom pain. By focusing on the movement of an opening hand, doctors have been able to rid victims of the feeling of a clenched hand they had removed.

Addiction Treatment

As far as addiction goes, the most important thing for an addict is that they have support. They need to know that there is a life to come back to once they recover. Many people see someone who is addicted as a completely different person. Particularly if they have been using a drug like Heroin. But, if you want to find the person you lost, you need to be there for them in their time of need.

We also can not forget that medical treatment is effective in helping those with an addiction. While we know the dangers of drugs to treat a drug addiction, going cold turkey is also not the answer. Doctors must make sure that patients are monitored carefully so that another addiction does not develop.