Let’s face it; most of us have at least one thing they would like to change about their bodies. For many individuals, they would dearly love to improve the condition of their skin. The sad truth is that many people suffer from skin conditions, but what’s even worse is they seldom realize they can easily do something about them!

If you hate your skin and want to do something about it, there’s actually a variety of simple ways to improve it! So, what are those secrets, I hear you ask? Well, it turns out they aren’t secrets at all; rather, they are tried and tested methods, some of which people have been following for thousands of years, believe it or not!

So, without further ado, today’s blog post will serve as a practical guide to improving your skin and make it feel more youthful and silky smooth. Here is what you need to know:

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Get checked over by a doctor

When was the last time you had a medical done? If the answer is “a long time ago” or “never” it’s time to get yourself checked over. The thing about many skin problems is that they could be signs of an underlying medical condition.

The good news is that treating skin conditions like eczema is possible. But, you have to get diagnosed first! So, with that in mind, have your doctor check you over to rule out the possibility of any underlying medical problems.

Get as much sleep as possible each night

Arguably the simplest way to start improving your skin is by clocking up at least seven hours of sleep every night. Why does that make a difference, you might be wondering? The answer is simple: you end up with fewer wrinkles!

You may not know this, but your skin creates new collagen when you’re asleep. Collagen, in case you didn’t know, is the main structural protein found in your skin. Without it, your skin would end up resembling a prune!

Another fact about getting at least seven hours of sleep each night is that you don’t end up with puffy eyes. So, when people say they need to “get their beauty sleep” you now know the reasons behind that saying.

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Don’t spend so much time under direct sunlight

There’s always the temptation to spend a few hours lying outdoors on a sun lounger when it’s a beautiful day outside. After all; why miss the opportunity to get a tan, right? If you’re a sun worshipper, you may not know it, but you’re doing your skin more harm than good.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer months, you are increasing the amount of UV (ultraviolet) radiation getting through your skin from the sun. The ugly truth about sun worshipping is that it exponentially increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

Like most things in life, it makes sense to moderate your time in the sun. You should also avoid going outside during the hottest times, notably 12 pm to 3 pm.

Learn how to relax and de-stress yourself

Did you know that stress is a way of doing damage to your skin? When a person is feeling stressed out, and on edge, it can cause surges of a hormone called cortisol to go through your body. And when that happens, it can break down the collagen that your skin needs to remain soft and supple.

You may feel that relaxing is easier said than done, but as humans, we don’t often realize that there are simple solutions to many of life’s problems. For example, if your job is stressing you out, find another one that isn’t so demanding of your mental health. And if problems at home are causing you to be anxious and stressed (for example, financial worries), seek professional help to deal with those issues better.

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If you have a known skin condition such as psoriasis or rosacea, stress could make your symptoms worse. Apart from tackling the direct causes of stress in your life, you also need to know how best to relax. Some of the things you might want to try doing include:

  • Having a hot bath in the evening;
  • Doing some gardening;
  • Reading a book;
  • Meditating;
  • Doing some yoga;
  • Lying down in bed or on your couch and listening to some chillout music.

Know that moisturizer is your friend

Sometimes, our bodies need a helping hand to ensure that everything is working as it should. While your body does a good job of letting you know when things are wrong, it’s important to understand the steps you need to take to make things right!

Each day, you should consider using some moisturizer on your skin. Some people use it on their face and hands, while others apply a topical solution during their daily showers. There are a plethora of moisturizer products out there on the market; be sure to research and shortlist a few that are likely to work well for you and your skin.

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Have a daily workout routine

We all know that regular exercise can help our bodies stay fit and strong. But, what you may not know is that daily workouts can also have a positive effect on your skin!

Even if you spend just 30 minutes a day working out, you will find that your skin feels healthier. In fact, some scientific research claims that working out can reverse the signs of aging! You don’t even need to go to the expense of paying for a gym membership; even just jogging in your local park each morning is good enough.

Clean your face before you go to sleep

Last, but not least, you should make sure that your face gets cleansed before bedtime. It’s no secret that pollution is a growing problem that is all around us. Throughout the day, the skin on your face will trap a lot of small pollutant particles.

Thanks for reading this article. See you soon!