A shift in the world’s population has witnessed a rise in the older demographic. In the developed world, we are living longer. Far longer than our grandparents and great-grandparents. Improvements in medicine and general living standards have equated to a longer life expectancy.

If you’re soon to enter your eighth decade, enjoy this next phase of your life with gusto!



Keep Fit and Active

The secret to a long and healthy life is to keep active. Fitness levels drop as we age, and our stamina decreases. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy an active life. Gentle walks or a short swim help keep the blood flowing, and muscles supple. Gentle stretches while sat in a chair is ideal for those with mobility restrictions.

As well as keeping an active body, it is also important to keep an active mind too. Read, do a crossword, or jigsaw – stretch those little gray cells and remain alert for your new life.

Remain Independent

A worry in our twilight years is whether we’ll be able to look after ourselves. Having a live-in career in the guise of a spouse is an advantage you may not have. Retain your independence by remaining in your home as long as possible. As jobs start to get too much, seek help to assist around the house. Mowing the lawn, doing your weekly shopping, or domestic chores. Physical assistance from others frees you up to relax and rest. There are places that offer disability services and care packages for seniors. Companies of this kind exist to enable octogenarians to maintain their independence for longer.

Widen Your Social Circle

Losing former friends and loved ones is a sad part of getting older. However, there are many single people in the same position as you. Don’t face your older years alone. Join a local club or involve yourself in your community. There are potential friends just waiting to meet you. Widen your social circle and embrace new relationships.

Get Exploring

Mobility issues needn’t be a barrier to leaving the comforts of your home. Don’t allow frailties to stop you enjoying the great outdoors. There are many opportunities to join excursions run by local touring companies. A day trip to the coast or an accompanied walk in a garden. Joining such a trip is a safe and supportive means of venturing beyond the confines of your home. It also has practical benefits too. Local communities may run a bus for seniors to take you to the local supermarket.

Pursue a Hobby

With time on your hands, your days may seem long and lonely. Starting a new hobby or returning to a former passion fills spare time productively. Choose something you can do comfortably. Anything too physical or overly skilled may be too taxing to enjoy. Decide whether to pursue a hobby for the body or the mind. Just listening to music is enough to remain engaged with the world around you.

The image of an 80-year old was once one of frailty and apathy. Today, the octogenarian is embracing the world with renewed vigor. Start your next decade with a (metaphorical) spring in your step. With an increasingly aging population, you’ll discover you’re in good company.