Anxiety is one of the most misunderstood mental issues out there. It seems as though when people have other mental ailments, the general public accepts them. When people suffer from anxiety, though, everybody seems to think that they can just ‘snap out of it’. Believe it or not, anxiety sufferers wish it were that simple. When people have this disorder, they find it difficult to do anything about it. The problem affects every single area of their life, and so it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We all need to make an effort to understand the issue. Here are some crucial things that everybody should know about anxiety disorder.



It is the most common mental problem in the US

Most people are under the impression that depression is the most common mental illness in the US. The truth may surprise you. There are now more people than ever suffering from anxiety. The disorder is one which nearly a third of all people will have at one point in their life. There are certainly people that you know who already suffer from the problem. Few people are willing to discuss the issue, though, because of the social stigma of it.

It’s not just a mental issue; it affects people physically

You might think that anxiety is all the mind, but it is not. There are many physical symptoms of the disorder that you should know about right now. For example, people often experience an increased heart rate, sweating and headaches. When people are anxious, these symptoms can be a real issue. Some people believe that they are having a heart attack, when they are having a panic attack instead.

People smell bad things before they get anxious

Right before people panic, they tend to smell bad or toxic scents in the air. If you start to smell things that others can’t, it might be that you are about to start panicking. This physical symptom is the strangest sign of all, yet most people don’t even notice it.

Anxiety sufferers need a bespoke life insurance policy

When people suffer from the disorder, it can affect all areas of their life. When it comes to life insurance, people often have to disclose that they are a sufferer. They might even need to get a bespoke anxiety cover from Insurance Hero or a similar company. The issue here is that their disorder might affect the terms of their agreement, and so they need to tell their insurer about it. That way, the insurer has all the information they need to provide the right policy.

People can change their thought processes to help

One of the primary treatments for anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The therapy helps sufferers to take charge of their emotions and deal with the issues at hand. When people start worrying, it can spiral and get worse with time. The system helps people to change the way they perceive particular situations so that they can deal with how they affect them. You can’t change what happens to you in life, but you can change how you cope with it. Once sufferers learn that, they can take the first step towards recovery.

In general, people seem to have a problem when it comes to talking about mental illnesses. Our society prevents people from getting the help they need, because we shame people when they feel weak. If you think that you might suffer from anxiety, you must get medical help as soon as you can. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back when it comes to recovering.