One thing we all share in common is that we want to be in the best of health. After all; a healthy body and mind means that we can enjoy leading a rewarding life. The only trouble is; many of us seem to fall apart at the slightest sign of illness. Whenever it’s cold and flu season, you can guarantee that everyone you know will start feeling ill at some point!

Some people believe that our modern lifestyles are to blame. For example, because we don’t get exposed to many germs from an early age, our immune systems aren’t as good as our ancestors.

Well, as you’re reading this blog post, there’s nothing you can do about rebooting your immune system. But, what you can do is take steps to lead a healthier life! That way, you can minimize the risk of developing illnesses – trivial or otherwise! Intrigued? Check out these simple solutions to our common health problems!

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You want to avoid having a cold or the flu

Cold and flu germs spread easily in the air, usually as a result of someone near you sneezing. Those germy particles that get emitted from cold and flu sufferers can travel at speeds of up to 70 mph in the air!

One way to guarantee you’ll never get a cold or the flu is to live in permanent isolation from other humans. Of course, that isn’t practical for most people! The next best thing you can do is avoid contact with people you know are ill.

Don’t share anything they have touched, such as cutlery or glasses. Just don’t go near them! You can also dose yourself up on paracetamol or equivalent natural medicine to be on the safe side.

You want to avoid breaking wind

Feeling flatulent, breaking wind or farting. Call it what you will, it’s not a pleasant experience for both you and the people around you for obvious reasons! You might not know this, but it’s normal for intestinal gas to pass through your rectum. It’s only an issue when the volume and frequency increases.

The HowToStopFarting gas remedies website lists some simple home remedies you can take. Examples include cardamom and ginger. They can reduce your chances of having “windy pops.” Even for those with IBS, it’s possible to lower the pain and bloating one gets from a severe bout of flatulence using home remedies.

It’s no secret that the food and drink we eat can affect the likelihood of feeling gassy. A simple change of diet will help many sufferers.

You want to avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle but hate exercise

There are plenty of people in the world that loathe the idea of going to the gym or running several miles each day, come rain or shine. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep fit without going on a massive exercise regime.

For example, taking your dog for a walk around the block twice a day can help. Simple things like parking further away from your workplace. Or parking away from grocery stores can aid in boosting your fitness levels.

Last, but not least, you can also eat healthier foods. You don’t necessarily have to give up the foods you love. Just go for low-fat options where possible!