If you are looking for reasons to start eating healthily then trying to conceive is the best one of all. That goes for you and the baby’s father! It is really important that you both commit to the very best eating habits you can. This ensures sperm and uterus are as nutritionally healthy as they can be. For him, the dieting may end as soon as you conceive but you must carry on through pregnancy, nursing and beyond for the sake of your baby.

If you are hoping to have a baby one day, it is essential to have a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients your body needs. You will need protein and carbohydrates for every meal. You should also have plenty of fiber to keep your digestive system on track. Pregnancy has a nasty habit of causing constipation and piles, so eating well is essential to lessen the impact of this.

All good pregnancies start with a good pregnancy supplement. To conceive, it is best to choose fertility pills that provide all the extra nutrition you need. This must include folic acid to ensure the embryo develops properly. Some doctors recommend starting these supplements at least six months before conception. As a fertile woman, it could be a good idea to start even earlier.

Fresh fruit and vegetables should be plentiful in your diet. Raw is best, but be wary of some that can cause problems for those with thyroid dysfunction. This can be greatly aggravated when you are pregnant. Discuss this with your doctor as early as possible to avoid exacerbated symptoms.


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Pregnancy causes significant tiredness but trying to conceive can be just as draining. Avoid caffeine, but do enjoy fruits like lemon or lime in your water to give you a little perk when you are tired. Exercise regularly, but try to avoid very strenuous workouts. You will need to continue exercising throughout your pregnancy. Make the move to activities you can keep up as you get bigger.

You may want to start filling out your meals with extra vegetables, but don’t sacrifice calories. As soon as you conceive your body will be working hard. Now is not the time for calorie counting or slimming down. Keep up the protein and the carbs to ensure you have enough energy to grow a new life inside you. Fish is essential too. If you are not keen on red meat, you may want to consider an iron supplement as pregnancy causes anemia.

Once you are pregnant, your blood sugar may start to wobble up and down with no warning. Keep well hydrated and graze on nuts, fruits, and salads to keep it as steady as you can. Some health professionals advise against eating peanuts while pregnant or nursing. Others believe they are essential to a healthy baby. Ask your doctor for advice on good foods to suit your pregnancy. Your skeleton will be going through a lot of changes, especially in the hips. Keep up a very good level of calcium by eating pasteurized yogurts, cheese, and milk.