Yes, there I have said it, anxiety sucks! It’s totally rubbish. Controlling it is like someone standing behind you with an air horn all day and being told that you shouldn’t jump when they let it off, because you know it’s there. It feels like you body and mind are in an emergency all of the time and it can creep into any situation. But there is hope, even in the most difficult of situations like the ones below. Read on to find out more.


Public speaking

One of the most dreaded situations for someone with anxiety is when they have to do some public speaking. It could be something as small as answering a question in a board game in front of a group of friends. To something as large as speaking to an entire auditorium full of people. But whatever it is you know that your heart will be pumping, your hands sweaty and your head all over the place.

But what can you do to deal with it? Well, first of all, make sure that you know what you are going to say beforehand. Leave the improvisation to the professionals. As having a plan can help alleviate some of the stress.

Also just focus on one person. Zone everyone else out and you can almost forget that they are there.

Also, remember a little anxiety is a good thing as it will give you the energy to be funny and engaging throughout your speech.

The dentists

Another high anxiety situation that can be tough for people is the dentists. This is because they often associate it with painful procedures. As well as just being in a really uncomfortable and unnatural position for a long time.

To combat pre-dentist nerves why not remind yourself that they use equipment that is a lot less invasive these days and they use small sleek tech such as slim line digital camera from prodentshop. Remember too that they also polish your teeth off after they have been scaled do you don’t get that yucky feeling afterward!

The doctors

Of course, a big issue for a lot of people can be getting anxious when they go to the doctors. It could be because they find it hard to convey what the matter is, perhaps because they have been brought up not to complain. Or that they are just nervous of the doctors themselves.

This is actually called White Coat Syndrome and can increase thing spike your blood pressure giving you a false reading.

Or it could be health anxiety, which is when people get nervous about being around other people that are sick, in case they get what they have.

If any of this issues are a problem for you, you may be able to help take some of the anxiety out of this situation by using a video doctor service instead of attending an in-person appointment.

Of course, if this isn’t a possibility then why not tell you doctor as they can give you a minute to calm down, or even do house calls if the problem is really bad.