When we think of medicine, we often immediately have a picture of a man in a white coat holding a needle. Or perhaps a woman giving us some pills. Maybe, a bandage on our arm or a cast on our leg? But there are plenty of alternate medicines outside what is typically viewed as the norm. These medicines and therapeutic procedures are completely dismissed by some. While others view them as lifesavers. Some are quite controversial while the rest are relatively unknown. But they can all help those in need in one way or another.


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Acupuncture is the Chinese method of inserting needles into the body at different pressure points. Halfway through the process it’s not untrue to say the patient looks a tad like a porcupine. You certainly don’t want to wriggle too much; that’s for sure. Aside from looking peculiar, acupuncture can work wonders. It has been shown to reduce tension as well as pain for sufferers of long-lasting diseases. Acupuncture in fiction has more than once been related to a mystical force. But, this is far from the case. It is all based on sound science. The therapy has recently become quite popular with some celebrities.


Who would have believed in the 90’s or 80’s that cannabis would be a drug seen to benefit those suffering from both cancer and dementia. While viewed in a negative light by many, cannabis has now been shown to be a highly useful herb, medically. It has been used to reduce the pain of some cancer suffers and has most recently been linked with halting the development of dementia. Its earliest medical use was to stop the development of Glaucoma. This nasty disease causes sufferers to go blind. But, it now seems that was only the start of what cannabis could be used for in medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

It may come as surprising, but the faith many people have in modern medicine is wavering. Perhaps, this is because we are no closer to curing some of the worse illnesses such as aids and cancer. Or, maybe it is due to the development of superbugs that are immune to antibiotics. More people are putting their lives in the hands of doctors who specialize in alternates, such as Chinese herbal medicine. Perhaps rightly so because these ancient treatments have been seen to work wonders. Artemisinin is a drug found in using herbs and has been shown to be the strongest treatment against malaria.

Energy Therapies

This last treatment is still viewed as pseudoscience but is gaining in popularity. It is based on the widespread belief that there are energy fields around and penetrating our bodies. The disruption in these energy fields is what causes us to suffer pain as well as experience illnesses. This is what the theory purports. Whether this is true is more than debatable, due to the fact there is no scientific evidence for this theory. That said, some research will show people who strongly believe they had success through this type of treatment. It should also be remembered at one stage or another, almost every form of medical treatment was viewed as pseudo-scientific.