Are you getting sick of not seeing any real results from your workouts? Do you wish you could ‘make gains’ faster? This post is designed to help you! There are a few ways you can add muscle to your body faster, whether you’re a woman trying to get that bikini model look, or a man trying to add size and shape. These simple pointers will help you:

Do More Weight Less Reps

To gain as much muscle as you can, you need to do more weight and less reps. The rep range should be 6-8, doing about 3-4 sets each time. Make sure you’re going as heavy as you can, or it won’t make a difference to your physique! You should be finding the last rep or two difficult but not impossible. You definitely shouldn’t be compromising your form. Remember, although weight is important, form is the most important.

Work the Muscle Until You Get the Pump

You probably have a set amount of exercises and reps you do, but I like to add a drop set or two on the end of my exercises to get a pump. There are arguments for and against the pump, so it’s up to you to draw your own conclusions. All I know is, when I get a pump in the muscle I’m working, I know I’ve had a good workout.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Correct Nutrition

Your body isn’t going to build the muscle it needs if you’re not getting the correct nutrition. Many say you can’t build muscle while on a deficit, and while this isn’t always true, it’s best to be eating more calories. However, you should be monitoring your food intake so that you know it’s muscle you’re putting on and not fat. Make sure you’re getting lots of protein, the right kinds of carbohydrates and healthy fats. You should at least be eating maintenance calories to build some quality muscle.

Take Supplements to Help You

Supplements are there for a reason – there’s no shame in taking them! As long as you’re taking legitimate supplements, then it’s totally fine. A test booster could be just what you need to pack on that muscle in a short amount of time. BCAAs can also help your body to stop eating the muscle when you do longer workouts.



Work on That Mind Muscle Connection

When you’re working a muscle group, really focus on working on your mind/muscle connection. This can take practice, but it’s been scientifically proven to make a difference. Simply concentrate on feeling each rep as you do it, and imagine the muscle growing.

Keep Cardio to a Minimum

It usually depends on what body type you are, but you’ll probably need to keep cardio to a minimum. Cardio can eat away at the muscle you’re building, so you only want to do it when necessary. Some people have to do it to keep their body fat under control. Some people are really lucky and don’t need it at all. Cardio is great when you’re focusing on conditioning, but when muscle building, it isn’t necessary.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get those results!